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Cop shootout, race issues & garbage sully Miami Beach Memorial Day

For years, Miami Beach residents have not-so-silently resented the Memorial Day crowds that crowd the city and it's tough not to notice that many of the visitors are African-American -- or "urban," hence the politically correct nickname "Urban Weekend."

But the racial scab has been ripped off amid the garbage-lined streets that formed the backdrop of two shootings, one of which led to a dead suspect, three injured cops and four more wounded bystanders

Gay activist Herb Sosa penned a letter calling for an end to the mayhem of Urban Weekend. "This is not a race, economic or ethnic issue, it is an issue of visitors who have a total lack of respect for our community, its property & citizens." The fact he said "race" and criticized Urban Weekend is an indication that race is an issue, considering he threw in this context: "If this was PRIDE weekend, The Boat Show, Fashion Week or Art Deco Weekend - would we allow this to go on each year."

This is the type of issue that could explode politically and become an issue in the tight Miami-Dade mayor's race.



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It has to stop! Enough already!

Nascar Dad

And those of us from North Florida are oh so jealous of the MIami lifestyle. Ha!


Nascar Dad... have you been to FAMU Homecoming weekend in Tallahassee??? Don't be so proud.

End all Urban Weekends.

Former South Beach Resident

Rosa Parks, the Montgomery schools, and Ole Miss were race issues. This is a public safety issue. When residents and law abiding visitors know they can't be in town during Memorial Day weekend, something is wrong and needs to change.
Take back Miami Beach.

Brian Gaither

You are making this a race issue by noting that most of the participants are African-American. But the question remains: Should we allow this sort of behavior simply because most participants are African-American? Doesn't that also smack of racism? Are we to lower the standards of civility and decency on the basis of someone's race?

Dave Crystal


joe blow

send them n*ggas back to wherever they came from!


South Florida...I love the traffic situation down there too. So your Memorial Day was f--ked up? I thought your entire year was f--ked up? Call Al & Jessee, they'll put a stop to all that rowdiness.

That's why I live in north Florida.


GET RID OF URBAN WEEKEND. ITS A FILTHY RACIST "HOLIDAY" OF VIOLENCE AND HATE. How many more have to die?? Miami Beach is NOT AFRICA! Give Miami Beach back to the residents!


You people sound racist you don't own America and your great great great grand fathers did not come from America. They came from europe.


Why has no one complained about the recent lesbian convention or gay Pride week? These two events were also disgusting, with lesbians and gay men screaming profanity in the streets and engaging indecent conduct. How about the gay parade down Ocean Drive? It was nothing more than a disgusting, in your face, flaunt of gay sexual behavior.


wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!WWWWWAAAAKKKKEEEE UUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


went to miami last yr for memorial weekend. Worst mistake of my life did not know about urban week. Unless your black don't go. It was packed w rude ghetto ass people. They act like animals. True story called the airline and left three days early and had to pay an extra 200 that's how bad I wanted to leave.came back w a whole new view on black people. And not a good one!

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