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Dean Cannon not pleased with Repubs standing stunt with Daphne Campbell

Campbell Democratic Rep. Daphne Campbell is on the outs with fellow Dems (background here)-- so under the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend logic, she's now a buddy of the GOP. During debate, Republican caucus members stood behind her as a show of support for her bill that repeals a law requiring chairs for workers (HB7131).

Democrats in the back complained they couldn't be seen during debate because of the wall of Republicans in front of them.

House Speaker Dean Cannon was out during the stunt, and when he came back he was none too pleased. "Members, take your seats. All of you." They slunk to their seats with smiles plastered on their faces.

Well, at least they got to sit down. They then cast a largely party-line vote (Campbell excluded from the Dems) 85-32. Among those Democrats to join Campbell: leader Ron Saunders. The two have had a strained relationship since he passed on the story that Campbell and Rep. Scott Randolph had flung papers back and forth at each other after an argument over an abortion bill.

Campbell demanded he apologize because she flung no papers. She was going to hold a press conference to bash him and Randolph. She called it off under pressure, and Saunders said he never said he witnessed the flinging. He says he was either misquoted or misunderstood.

Not enough. Campbell plans another press statement. Saunders said he'll apologize or clear the record. Again.

The whole incident, though, has at least brought Cannon and Saunders a little closer together. Cannon sent a personal note to say Saunders' vote was a "classy move --tip of the hat."