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Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Obama will not lose Jewish support over '67 border flap

The new chair of the national Democratic party called suggestions that President Obama did "significant damage" to his support in the Jewish community by saying a peace agreement in Israel would be predicated on 1967 borders (and land swaps) -- a "gross overstatement.

At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Wasserman Schultz acknowledged that Obama's remarks last week had raised some hackles: "If you looked at the Jewish community at large, if you polled the Jewish community at large, there are Jewish voters, Jewish Americans, who are expressing concern about the president’s policy," she said. But, she noted "what he said...was essentially what has been American policy since President Clinton."

She suggested Republicans are looking to make political points on the issue and accused them of "outright lying" about Obama's stance. She said the party would be working aggressively to assure Jewish voters that Obama -- who got 78 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008 -- was on their side.

"At end of day, the natural home for the Jewish community in America is the Democratic Party," said Wasserman Shultz. "It's why the Democrats consistently get overwhelming support from the Jewish voters up and down the ticket." 

She also rejected an assertion by the Republican Jewish Coalition that she had asked for a "gag order" on criticism of U.S.-Israeli policy. See video below.