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Dems mock Mike Haridopolos with coloring book

IMG_5328 If the Florida Democratic Party was at good as fielding great candidates and turning out the votes as it is mockingly clever, it probably would be in the majority. Consider the coloring book adaptation of Senate President Mike Haridopolos' Florida Legislative History and Processes. Dems are passing it out to the lobbying corps on the 4th floor of the Capitol, where even hardcore Republicans can't suppress a chuckle. Background is here

The Dems later issued a press release in which it used the coloring book as this fundraising pitch:
Haridopolos was paid $152,000 of taxpayer’s money for a book that was never published since it turned out to be less informative than watching the School House Rock video.

As this session closes, we have discovered a more interactive coloring book version, which is an equally informative sequel to Haridopolos’ book.

While you can download the coloring book for free, since Floridians have already paid the price for Haridopolos’ sweetheart dealings, we hope you will consider donating $5 to the Florida Democratic Party to help us hold Mike Haridopolos and the other Republicans accountable.



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Nice Post, Marc! Posting links on FB, Twitter and My Site. :)

Can't Take It Anymore

Good start, Rod! Keep going for the throat and don't back off one inch. The future of our state is on the line as the sociopaths in the Republican Party greefully give away our state to corporate bigshots and our personal rights to fringe religious zealots.

Make It Personal

Bravo Eric!

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