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Dream Act supporters to try again -- Bill Nelson, Ros-Lehtinen vow support

In the wake of President Obama's push for immigration reform, Senate Democrats plan Wednesday to reintroduce legislation aimed at keeping some children of illegal immigrants in the country -- either to study or serve in the military.

Senators Dick Durbin, Majority Leader Harry Reid and New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez are planning a 10 a.m. presser to reintroduce the Dream Act, which narrowly failed to pass last year.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said in a statement issued in Spanish that he'd back the proposal, saying the students "can contribute greatly to our society as members of the armed forces, lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, or thousands of other capacities."

A similar bill will be introduced in the House by Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif. Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will be co-sponsor.


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George Fuller

The same tired rhetoric.......you citizens shut up....we have new citizens...from other countries that we need so we can grow this country..

If these citizens have so much to offer.......why don't they stay in their home country and turn it into a real country instead of a country in name only.......

George Fuller

Dream act will be the final blastoff for Nelson! so long.........bye bye

Try the dream act on Mars

tea party rocks

the dream act is a nightmare for working americans and our country. and dont forget this horrible bill couldnt pass last year even with democratic majorities in the house and the senate. so it is certainly not going to pass now that the house and senate have has gotten more conservative. and everyone knows this, including the democrats. it's just the dems trying to trick and con their political base. ?


I am embarrassed to admit I came here LEGALLY when so many I know are getting so much more doing it the wrong way.

Pathetic. Close the borders,use the troops to get the ones in OUT.


Much like Nelson the Dream Act is history.

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