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E-Verify may haunt Haridopolos

Rick Scott last year throttled Bill McCollum on immigration, accusing him of being soft in the issue and a flip-flopper. Now U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos is sure to take some heat for failing to get a tough anti-illegal immigration bill passed in the senate he leads. Senators passed immigration bill critics will call toothless because it was stripped of a requirement that private employers use the federal E-Verify system to check a worker's immigration status.

Check out the first 30-seconds of this March 8 video, where Haridopolos responds to activists chanting E-Verify! E-Verify.

"I'm here to verify it will be a part of our senate bill,'' Haridopolos assured the crowd. Ouch.

Haridopolos said this evening that he had hoped to get more elements of E-Verify in the bill, but "I'm only one of 40 senators."


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George Fuller

The stand alone senate bill was SB 518

Garidopolos hiijacked the bill to make a committee bill loaded with red meat crime provisions....

Hari put Senator Flores in charge......she openlt opposes any state immigration laws

When Flores got beat up Hari appointed Shady, rhymes with JD Alexander to carry the bill..JD is CEO of major AG corp..they grow citrus on 10K ac, Sugarcane on 21K ac, raise cattle..and other stuff.

The corporate annual reports their business will suffer if e-verify is passed....

Who is kidding who......Hari wanted to kill e-verify so he pointed a woman who lives in a protected district and a term limited major employer of illegal aliens..........

Unbelievable Hari would face the people after that act.....

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