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Florida is the 'Southern sanctuary state' for illegal immigration, says Palm Beach GOP chairman

Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein gives the GOP majority in the Legislature an A+ for session, but says more could have been done. From his June newsletter:

(W)hen you’re sitting with a Tea Party Governor, an all Republican cabinet, two thirds majorities in both houses (Lizbeth put us over the top) and President Obama’s radical Left cronies in Washington, the pent up demand for a “transformational” Florida year is real and understandable. Here’s what we didn’t get: E-Verify, for starters. Ten Republican State Senators went all in for the Illegals. Now that the legislators in Georgia and South Carolina read the Constitution that our legislators ignored, Florida is the de facto “Southern Sanctuary State.”

A similar idea was presented to Gov. Rick Scott during a radio interview this month when a conservative host asked if Florida would become a "job magnet" for illegal immigrants without an E-Verify law.