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Governor Scott Changes Position on Education Funding

Governor Rick Scott last week cut $615-million in state spending. In a reversal of his previous position, the governor is now encouraging the Legislature to put some of that money back into education. Scott signed the state budget in a Central Florida retirement community under the banner "Less Government Waste, More Educational Opportunities." He was surrounded by students from a charter school bused to the event from an hour away. WLRN Miami Herald Reporter Gina Jordan has more.



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Any way the wind blows ay Governor?


The legislature did include more funding for education(that would also create jobs), he vetoed that, too!

Seems like he's trying awfully hard to make himself look good, by trying to make the Legislators look bad.

And it's working. Republican base is falling all over him.

susana malnati

I'm glad to learn that Governor Scott is now encouraging the Legislature to put money back into education. This is the best approach to a solid future for Florida. Educated people take better decisions, college degrees and University graduates, prepare the future structure of our Florida state society. Ignorance do not take us anywhere. We must prepare the youth for all the challenges of the 21rst century or otherwise will be totally overtaken by the Chinese. They're given utmost importance to higher education, preparing the youth for the challenging times ahead and we can not afford to stay behind. Yes, we must cut on burocracy waste management, but education is a must that we can not afford to loose control of.


I have prepared three children well to go on to higher edication. It's great that the Governor wants to put money back into the education system. When will the cost of " Higher Education" become affordable? Why is it that college students and their parents have pay so much?
If we are so concerned about competeing with other countries, why is so expensive to go to college?

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