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In session, few wins for Broward Democrats

The victories were few and far between in this year’s legislative session for Broward’s largely Democratic delegation in the Republican-dominated state Capitol.

Broward Democrats tried, with mixed success, to tone down sweeping legislation. And they had individual triumphs, including, notably, a long-sought effort by Sen. Nan Rich of Weston to outlaw sex with animals.

But outgunned by veto-proof GOP majorities in the Florida House and Senate, lawmakers in the minority Democratic Party could do little to slow or stop bills, or to push their own proposals. Instead, they focused on tweaking provisions within bills to make reforms more palatable to their constituencies in Broward, home to one the state’s largest number of Democrats.

All but two active members of the Broward delegation are Democrats.

Efforts by moderate Republicans and Democrats from Broward and elsewhere to stall and soften legislation were particularly apparent in the Senate.

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