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Jack Latvala: The dark star of the Florida Senate

Sen. Jack Latvala dismantled some of the top priorities of the conservative House by assembling interchangeable coalitions of senators attracted to his independence and reverence for Senate traditions.

Described by colleagues as smart, pragmatic and "very transactional," the St. Petersburg Republican was the dark star of the Senate around which all clusters of dissent seemed to orbit.

Story here.


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If he supports Gatez - a advocate of stripping constitutional rights of women, curtailing voting rights etc. - I have to question his judgement -

Can't Take It Anymore

Jack may just retain a bit of a gag reflex from his previous experience in office. The nauseating actions of his fellow Republicans greatly exceed anything he ever saw in past Legislative sessions. He is still a conservative Republican but the "new boys" are so far out in Looneytown that he has become a moderate by default. They will punish him.

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