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Jeb Bush backs Julio Robaina for mayor

There's too many endorsements to keep track of in the Miami-Dade mayoral race, but here's one of note: former Gov. Jeb Bush has thrown his support behind Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina.

"Julio has a proven track record of cutting government waste and protecting our tax dollars," Bush said in a statement Robaina's campaign put out Monday morning.  "That's the type of leadership we need to reform county government, and I encourage you to join me in voting for Julio Robaina to be our next Mayor of Miami-Dade County."

We hear automated phone calls have been going out to voters with Bush's recorded voice endorsing Robaina.


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Miami Ray

My research reveals two worthy candidates, Mr. Pepe Cancio and Dr. Farid Khavari, but I had to search out the campaign details on these men on my own. These two candidates are the only two that have experience in building economies and creating jobs and it is economy builders and job creators that we voters are looking for.

The common approach to Mr. Canico by the local media is that he is a substitute commissioner or a chair warmer, when in fact he is a very successful businessman, hires hundreds of people, brings over 150 million dollars into the economy, has been voted Entrepreneur of the year by the LBA and yes even stepped up as commissioner when called upon.

Ask the average voter (Those not media employed ) and they will tell you that jobs, the economy, energy costs, lack of financing, lack of commerce, the pocket picking property taxes and the amount of people losing their homes are the issues of devastating concern. I have to find on my own that we have an economist in our community that has presented a wonderful plan for economic recovery. Dr. Farid Khavari

The only thing that the media told me about Dr. Khavari was that he had an unsuccessful run for Governor and that is true, but what does that have to do with anything of importance? It turns out that all of Florida would be doing better had he won and he might have won if we had a media that was looking to better the communities that they claim to serve.

He has proposed creating a citizens owned bank where the public owns their own debt, low interest loans would be available for refinancing homes, solar energy conversion loans for homes, businesses and government buildings and some of the profits would fund the new tightly efficient budget of the county government, eliminating the need to extort property taxes from the people that own this county.

I have to learn on my own that when interest is paid to a citizen owned bank, it does not leave the local economy, in fact it would stay in circulation here to further stimulate economic growth and not to fund wall street bonuses.

Miami Ray

Dr. Khavai has presented several initiatives that will create jobs, which will create commerce, which will create more jobs ect.. Initial figures are 150,000 new good paying private sector jobs. He has presented job creating initiatives that will protect us from rising energy costs, dependence on foreign oil and from experiencing the devastation of nuclear fallout that will plague Japan for decades.

But I pay for a newspaper and read that Mr. Degenerate Jail Bird might be a good choice or I could choose the FBI's most likely or how about the guy that helped bring me the current mess, he could move to a higher office if I would like or I could have a young real estate attorney that turned politician to keep from having to work in a declined real estate market

North Dakota took it on themselves to create a citizen owned bank decades ago because they could see the fallacy of being in debt to out of town robber barons and having their money leave their community. Today they have the strongest economy, lowest unemployment and fewer foreclosures than any other state and are in far better shape than Florida because of it.

The way I see it, the story is we have two fine candidates to choose from and several others playing the system. See for yourself and let's start fixing this mess.

I think that we should squish these two together and clone super mayors to sell to other cities.

But I could be happy with either

Maria F

Robaina;s pledge to the citizens, that's what I am looking for:

1. Immediately work to repeal the 2010-2011 Alvarez property tax increases.
2. Spearhead Charter Reform that includes:
3. Re-engineer, reform, and restructure County Government to:
4. Eliminate wasteful spending starting with:
5. Public Safety: Keeping our neighborhoods safe and protecting our residents.
6. Quality Education: Working with all county-wide education stake holders, both public and private, to improve learning for all.

Miami Ray

My business needs customers that have money,
My business needs customers that can pay their current accounts,
My business needs products & services that are in current demand,
My business needs a financing source for our customers,
My business needs less bureaucratic government
Me and my business needs relief from rising Energy Costs,
Me and my business needs relief from Property Taxes,
Me and my business needs Lower Interest Costs,
Me and my business needs Lower Insurance Premiums,

My business and I need a candidate that has the knowledge,
the desire and the Honor to help turn this economy around.

Khavari is the right person for the job.

Robaina is cronyism quo, Jeb Bush proves it so.

If the Fed's indict this crook ( Fed'd words not mine )will he be able to serve as Mayor and service his crime time under office arrest or just how would that be done?


Jeb Bush's background in dealings with real estate etc is similar to Julio Robaina's no surprise he would endorse him


Vote for Gimenez on June 28. Robaina will talk words but does not live by them.

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