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Julio Robaina passes $1m mark in mayor's race

Julio Robaina has reported more than $1.2 million in the race for Miami-Dade mayor, according to campaign finance reports that were due Friday.

The latest numbers are not posted online yet for all of the candidates in Tuesday's special election. But Robaina again appears to lead the money field. Carlos Gimenez, considered Robaina's chief rival, has reported a war chest of $450,018.


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Vote 'NO' to ROBAINA. I sure to raise 1.2 million dollars he has promised many favors. Miami Dade needs to move in the direction where a politician does not owe everyone something.

Eric Johnson

AMAZING… I challenge anyone to go through his contributions and find the true INDIVIDUALS who cintributed to his campaign. THEY ARE 99.9% BIG BUSINESS and SPECIAL INTERESTS.. What is this County coming to? Ask yourself that. Let me share something that most people do not know. Here is just one factual statement about Julio Robaina WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY.

Julio Robaina Fired 17 Firefighters Illegally.
Despite a ruling

According to Arbitrator Robert B. Hoffman:

The City failed to make any cost analysis showing what savings would be generated by these terminations.

Failed to establish the costs savings it attributed to this decision were legitimate reasons and financially efficient.
Failed to account for a myriad of costs that could substantially reduce any cost savings attributed to the terminations.
Failed to explain why it did not accept the recommendation of its concessions committee to keep experienced employees retained who were in DROP.
Failed to include in its decision one other DROP participant who was not in the bargaining unit and would have saved the City additional money.
Failed to include non-DROP employees in its decision, who had vested pensions and that would have saved the City an additional 27.4% in contributions.
Failed to provide the Union with proper contractual advance notice.

Grievance award on: 4/21/2011

Based on the above and the entire record, the grievances are sustained. The grievants shall be immediately reinstated to their former positions and made whole. Any issue that cannot be resolved relating to the administration of this Award shall be referred back to the arbitrator for resolution. As such, the arbitrator shall retain jurisdiction for a period of 90 days from the date of this award.

Back pay = OVER $500,000.00
Overtime cost = OVER $ 500,000.00
Legal fees = Unknown City will NOT disclose.

Daily cost to TAXPAYERS for Mayor Julio Robaina’s NON COMPLIANCE = $10,000.00 per day.

JULIO ROBAINA lied again. At the May 9th Television interview Mayor Robaina said he was evaluating his legal options and considering to appeal the ruling. Yet the same day in a letter to the State Of Florida he stated that he will comply with the order. The Mayor Extorted the firefighters demanding a ratified contract for their return.

Robaina is Risking lives and WASTING MONEY!

Carlos A.

The Time for change is here and we need to elect Miami-Dade's next mayor. Throughout this campaign we have heard from all the candidates and their platforms. While others have focused on attacks and divisive tactics, Robaina # 25 focused on the need to bring new leadership to County Hall that will repeal the property tax increase, reform the county charter and instill fiscal discipline. Julio will work to unite all of our county and tackle the critical issues such as the Public Health Trust and the crisis at Transit


Robaina has support througout the entire community, plain and simple. He is the only one I feel confident will do something about our failed economy. GIMENEZ never and I mean never introduced any economic development plan while serving the Commission.

I have voted for ROBAINA #25.

Carlos A.

I agree. We have been hearing from all candidates, their formulas and platforms but I haven't seen real commitments with the residentss. The only candidate focused on to bring new solutions and new leadership has been Robaina # 25. Remember, polls open from 7-7pm today.


Robaina has shown to be the the type of leadership we need to finally reform county government.
I want protection for my tax dollars!
vote Julio #25!

Robaina will destroy MiamiDade

Robaina will talk the talk but never walks the walk. Robaina will destroy Miami Dade County vote 'No" for Robaina on June 28.

Robaina has no leadership skills

Robaina has wasted the taxpayers of Hialeah's money by not bring back the firefighters he illegally fired in December. There was a court order and he took no action. It wasn't until he resigned that the firefighters are being returned to work . His leadership just cost the City of Hialeah taxpayers over 10000 a day since the ruling on April 21. That does not include all the overtime he has been paying to man the fire department and backpay that he has been ordered to pay since he illegally fired them. What kind of leadership is that. Very poor to say the least. Vote for Gimenez on June 28. Save Miami Dade county.

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