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Kendrick Meek lands a new gig

The former congressman who was defeated in his bid for Senate has joined the website Politic365 as chairman of its editorial board.

The online site says Meek will "guide the publication’s growth and development of news, perspective and commentary for American decision leaders, focusing first on communities of color.

Meek says the publication "will play a leading role in delivering information that stimulates politics– policymaking, campaigning, voting and civic participation."

"My experience as a policymaker helps me understand the backstory beyond the spin," said Meek, whose press release announcing the pick included quotes from Bill Nelson, Nancy Pelosi and assistant Democratic leader Rep. James E. Clyburn.

The site has promotion and publication agreements with all five of the national organizations representing state and local black elected officials - the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women, National Conference of Black Mayors, National Organization of Black County Officials, and the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. 

Its minority-owned and operated and upon becoming chair, Meek acquired an ownership interest.

"This is a very exciting time for online journalism," he said. "History is being made every day, and it’s vital that this history be recorded from the perspectives of all Americans, including those who traditionally haven’t had a sufficient voice at the political table."


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Not to be mean, but Kendrick has never been known for his intellect and he's dislexic, so it seems to be an odd choice to be chairman of any editorial board. He's not a policy wonk either...this just seems like an odd choice. I don't think this is going to increase readership of this publication I've never heard of before. Kendrick doesn't even have great name ID in Florida (where he barely won a primary & ran one of the worst general statewide campaigns ever). Is he going to write about how you get into office on your moms coat tails, then do nothing in office, & how to run terrible campaigns? If this is the best job he could get, he's more pathetic then I thought.


Yup, surely you didn't expect him to have to get a real job like the rest of the great unwashed masses. That would be totally beneath the former U.S. Senate Democratic nominee from the great state of Florida! Ha ha ha!


Wonder if Kendrick wrote his own statement, or had someone do it for him?


Dumb then; dumb now.

Can't Take It Anymore

I guess the deal with the Republicans to stay in the Senate race hasn't gotten him the big time private sector job he hoped for. By helping to sandbag the Charlie Crist campaign and thereby assure Marcocito's election they certainly owe him something better than this. He is dead politically unless there is a dog catcher job somewhere that is vacant and no one else wants.

Betsy Marville

Obviously the all too common anonymous mud slingers have never met Congressman Meek. I have had the privelage to know him for many years and as an RN I appreciate the work he has consistently done for nurses, healthcare workers, teachers and those who work hard everyday and get little for their labor. Kendrick Meek got the class size amendment on the ballot, which won by overwhelming majority of voters. He stands for the ideals I and most workers do, a chance to work for a livable wage,decent public education, healthcare for everyone and an even playing field to achieve these goals. Kendrick has been consistent on issues, not changing to get elected. He could have stayed in a safe congressional seat, but chose to run against corporate money and the radical right. Becuase he ran, the door is open a little more for the changing demographic of Florida. We all lost when Kendrick Meek did not become a Senator. I think the majority who did not vote for Kendrick or voted not at all, are now regretting their decisions. Kendrick started out as a State Trooper. He is a kind, honest and intelligent man. I am very happy to see he will guide this website. I was not aware of the site and will now subscribe as it looks very informative. Congratulations Congressman and thank you for your leadership. You have been missed.

Marilyn Brown

Kendrick is a star. Period. He staged sit-ins, he got a class-sized amendment passed (that is hated and reviled by the hidious right), and shook hands all over this state to become the Democratic candidate for the Senate by petition. Florida is in a horrible place...very much because Kendrick is not a part of our lives. I wish nothing but good things for Kendrick...and I hope he will not forget us all.

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