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Miami-Dade lawmakers tried to stay united

Lawmakers in a Miami-Dade delegation full of political rookies vowed unity during this year’s legislative session. And they kept their promise, for the most part, in a year when distinct personalities emerged in the crop of new faces.

Members of the delegation, long known for its fractiousness, were still involved in some public skirmishes.

But state representatives and senators stood together on several issues of key importance to the county. They successfully lobbied Gov. Rick Scott to release some $35 million in state money for Jackson Memorial Hospital and made sure the state budget included more than $55 million in funding to dredge the Port of Miami.

The delegation had smaller budget victories, too, including setting aside dollars for social services such as the Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Center and shrinking initially proposed cuts to programs such as the New World School of the Arts and the University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.

Those wins came in part because first-year lawmakers, despite their inexperience, tried to get their feet wet in the complicated budget process.

In the past, Miami-Dade freshmen had been notoriously divided over one of the first decisions they have to make after being elected: which colleague to back as future House Speaker.

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We are watching

The drama queen of the new freshmen is Ana Rivas Logan. Her attack on school system was an embarassment and her facts were all wrong.Let's hope next session she shows a little more restraint and maturity.

joe blow

yeah they were real successful!
they got our schools cut by 8%.
Fresen illegally voted on a charter school bill without abstaining since his sister and brother in law run a charter school chain.
Diaz de la Portilla made bribery legal by sponsoring passage of leadership funds. Of course the idiot Cubans don't care because he said "down with Fidel" once or twice.
What a bunch of Republican bums! Every one of them should be voted out on their arse next election but Miami-Dade's ignorant and apathetic voters will send the same criminals back to Tally over and over.
Can't Norman Braman help us get rid of these R turds?

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