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Mike Haridopolos takes aim at 'arm-chair extremists... revisionist history'

Senate President and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos just sent out this email to fellow Republicans:

As I have reflected upon the work we just completed in Tallahassee and your integral and important role, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and congratulations to you. The challenges we faced were unprecedented, as were our accomplishments on behalf of the people of the State of Florida.

Indeed, you have taken the tough steps to put our state back on the road to fiscal health.  This work will create the certainty and stability entrepreneurs and private sector job creators need to start hiring again. And you tackled the challenges in front of you with a long-term view instead of seeking quick fixes or just kicking the can down the road.

It is not surprising that some have tried to revise history, characterizing the session as a failure and thus the accomplishments that you worked so hard for as failures as well.  The liberal and political beneficiaries of this revisionist history are predictable.  As is their playbook: single out one or two issues left on the table and ignore the voluminous conservative accomplishments that will help to get our economy and Florida's families back on track.

This tremendous body of work, that the liberal and political spoilsports can’t and won’t acknowledge, includes:
*A Balanced Budget that cut almost $4 billion without Raising Taxes or Fees
*Education Reform that recognizes and rewards good teachers
*Medicaid Reform that is quickly becoming a nationwide model
*Pension Reform
*$308 million in Tax Cuts
*A Smart Cap Amendment to Limit Future Government Spending
*The Health Care Freedom Act to block ObamaCare mandates
*Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Your accomplishments certainly do not stop there and are literally too numerous to mention in this note. I am proud of you and the hard work you did, not only on the part of your constituents, but in service to our whole state.

I know some of the decisions you had to make weren't easy, and we may not have always seen eye to eye on everything, but at the end of the day, we did the right thing and this was a session full of accomplishment to be proud of.  I simply won't let the arm-chair extremists tell people otherwise about you or this Legislature.

Thanks again for all that you do for our great state



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Can't Take It Anymore

I just have to wonder who actually wrote this tripe for Haridoofalazz. We have seen his previous attempts to "author" things and this (while totally self-serving b.s.) is much too articulate. He has collected enough $$$ this session to hire a big campaign staff for his Senate primary bid so it must be one of them.

Tally Folly

The Republican Super-majority in the Florida legislature managed to pass fewer bills this year than any other session in history.
Those they did pass served only the rich or corporate interests.
Mikey, you are full of it.

Alicia from Gainesville

Sounds to me like they did an awesome job getting some important things passed even with strong opposition from the Progressive Liberal Obama-loving Democrats.
I especially like the sound of the drug testing for welfare recipients. That is something I've felt needed to be done a long time ago. Taking on the teachers union and cutting waste from the budget, awesome work!
It's about damn time.


Mike Haridopolos, thank you, for derailing the runaway gravy train. Dems, you should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking you can irresponsibly continue to spend our grandchildren's money today, bankrupt the State, without a morsel of intellectual honesty.


Mike Haridopolos thinks he's pulled the wool over the eyes of Florida citizens. We conservatives, tea partiers, and grass-roots organizations, will not forget his lack of leadership during the 2011 session. Anybody but Haridopolos for Senate to beat Bill Nelson in 2012.

John Parsons

Haridopolous is trying to cover his lack of leadership by hinting he's a conservative. Over 70% of Floridians want something done about immigration, and something like 28 immigration bills have been introduced while Republicans were in control - NONE have passed.
Thanks Mike for your lack of judgement by choosing Sen. Flores, then Alexander to lead the immigration bill. That killed them for sure.

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