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More Miami fallout over Rick Scott's vetoes

A sampling of the conversation Friday morning on influential Spanish-language radio in Miami, regarding Gov. Rick Scott's budget vetoes to meals programs for seniors in Little Havana and Allapattah:

"This man has vetoed -- Gov. Rick Scott -- has vetoed 600-plus million dollars on top of what had already been cut," said an outraged Oscar Haza, a host on WQBA-AM (1140). "It's to respond to rural areas and to the tea party and to his ideology."

"We are a donor county," Miami Commissioner Frank Carollo said. "We give a lot more of our taxes than we receive."

"This is a failure of lobbyists, and this is a failure of legislators," Haza added. "For not fighting."

"This doesn't just take away food from the elderly, but it hurts a lot of businesses that provide to these programs," Commissioner Wifredo "Willy" Gort said. "We have to work 24 hours a day to see how we can substitute that missing money...A lot of these people only have one meal a day, which they receive at the senior center."

"How did this happen and they didn't tell us anything ahead of time?" Carollo asked, saying he wants to meet with the city's lobbyists. (On Thursday, Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, the Miami Republican who placed the hot meals programs on the budget, said he didn't get a heads up from the governor, either.)

"They've turned their backs on them, on the same people who voted for the governor," Carollo added.

"What we have to do is throw out the governor like we threw out the others down here," one caller suggested.


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Robert John Newman

start thinking about who you vote more next time, beyond tea party rhetoric...youre wasting our time blaming the Governor...blame all the Republicans...


This republican listened closely to what candidate Rick Scott was saying and ultimately voted for Alex Sink...

Blame people who were/are more caught up in rhetoric instead of substance.

Can't Take It Anymore

The residents of Dade County likely carry the biggest responsibility for putting Scott in office for the next 4 years. Those Democrats that were too lazy or indifferent to vote and those who reflexively vote for anyone calling themself a Republican. These two groups constitute the total number of votes it took to assure his victory and that of the Teabagger Republican legislative majority. Quit whining and blaming others because you did this to yourselves (and the rest of us!).

I Know

Why is Carollo gripping? Didn't he host Governor Scott in Little Havana during the campaign? So after campaigning for him and voting for him the Governor did not let Carollo know he was going to veto those items? Tells you how much the Governor values Carollo!

a proud liberal

What’s wrong with you people? Wall Street has raided your 401K’s, while they got rich. The mortgage bankers threw you out of your houses, while they collected multi-million dollar bonuses, the oil barons polluted your beaches and gouge you at the gas-pump, corporations are stockpiling money and refuse to create jobs and you worry over the abuse of a food stamp?

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