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Nation's high court may take up Florida law that restricts academic travel to Cuba

A controversial Florida law that restricts state colleges and universities from traveling to Cuba and other “terrorist states” could be headed before the U.S. Supreme Court for review.

The high court on Monday invited the Obama administration to file a brief outlining the United States’ stance on the 2006 law, which bars public schools and universities in Florida from using state money — or tapping into their budgets — for travel to countries considered by the federal government to be “sponsors of terrorism.’’ The countries include Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the faculty at the University of South Florida, the University of Florida and Florida International University in March had asked the high court to review the law. The court hasn't yet said it will take up the matter, but the ACLU said it was pleased the court was "taking this seriously."


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It is amazing how we talk about individual freedom in this country, and we can see that our freedom is violated everyday. I should be free to go to where ever I want to go without the government restricting my movement because of some political issue. I understand when the government warns us about traveling to countries, what I do not understand is them telling me what to do. What happened to FREEDOM.

m  portela

Americans were always free to travel to Cuba through other countries What were saying is use your own money not the Floridians taxpayers money to finance the trip go at your own risk and permit those students from Cuba to travel to other countries to study

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