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Rep. Rick Kriseman to Speaker Dean Cannon: The public liked my recall legislation

Rep. Rick Kriseman couldn't get the legislature interested in his measures to allow for recall of elected state officials. But the St. Petersburg Democrat says the public was interested.

Kriseman fired off a letter to House Speaker Dean Cannon today saying that an informal online petition in favor of his proposals (HJR 785 and HB 787)had garnered more than 25,000 signatures

"While it’s disappointing to see these proposals ignored, the enthusiasm for them from people outside the capitol has made their filing worthwhile. In fact, an informal online petition in support of these bills has garnered more than 25,000 signatures in just the past month.
The conclusion of session may signal the end of this legislation and make support for it moot, but it should not and will not signal the end of Floridians demanding a better government. It is my sincere hope that this legislature, led by the House, will one day consider real reform measures, including the ability to recall."

Kriseman sent along nearly 2,000 pages of online comments from the public. CCed in his letter: Gov. Rick Scott.


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Can't Take It Anymore

Cannon is too busy putting in place new laws to eliminate any Democratic competition for elective office in the state. The Repubs will use any scam to get into office (besides the usual pack of lies) to lick their Teabagger and corporate masters boots. They would never even for a moment consider a law authorizing recall because of their outrageous conduct once elected. This is a perfect issue for collecting signatures to get on the 2012 ballot. If pregnant pigs can get a constitutional amendment in Florida we ought to be able to deal with greedy pigs in the legislature.


I sent an email to Gonenor Scott just the other day, reguarding Floridas EASY HACK VOTING MACHINES. No reply yet. How many in office now, are easy hack plants. 1/3. more, less ???????????? Join me on tweeter. KraigPettit

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