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Republicans Marco Rubio, Allen West remain bullish on Medicare vote, despite NY House seat loss

Democrats are chalking up their surprise victory in a New York congressional race to the Republican candidate's support for the GOP-led House's budget plan which would significantly revamp Medicare.

But some of the Florida Republicans who cast votes for the same plan said Wednesday they were unruffled by the election results, with Rep. Allen West suggesting the candidate failed to rally enough support.

"I don't think she was able to be effective in the message," West said. "If we continue to believe that we don't need to tackle mandatory spending in this country, then we're just lying to the American people."

He noted that Medicare's board of trustees has warned that the program is running out of money.

Senate Democrats sought to score political points Wednesday by putting the bill up for a vote in the Senate -- it got just 40 votes, including that of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: "My number one objective is to save Medicare. Medicare’s important to me because my mom’s on Medicare, she depends on Medicare. But Medicare is going bankrupt, and the only plan out there right now that saves Medicare is the Ryan plan. I understand Democrats are against it. That’s fine, but what’s their plan? They haven’t offered a plan, and they don’t have a plan because they’re trying to play politics with this. Let’s put politics aside and come together and save Medicare before it’s too late."