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Rick Scott: salesmanship, not my bad poll numbers, key to 2012 election

Will Scott's poor poll numbers hand the state to Obama in 2012? That was one of the questions from Sid Rosenberg of WQAM in Miami, who had Gov. Rick Scott on the radio this afternoon.

After spending most of the interview on budget cuts, Rosenberg turned to Scott's poll numbers and asked the Obama question fed to him from MSNBC's Chuck Todd. (Todd, a former Miamian, is a regular guest on Rosenberg's show, which usually focuses on sports. Florida Marlins President Larry Bienfest was Rosenberg's guest just before Scott.)

Q: If your ratings don't go up here, does that give your nemesis, Barack Obama, a second term and Florida's electoral vote?

Scott: "Well, my job is to get our state back to work. My job is to make sure this is the state that is most likely to succeed. That's what I was elected to do. I ran a specific campaign. That's what people want me to do. They want me to hold government accountable. They want me to watch how every tax dollar is spent. They don't want me to waste people's money. They want me to make sure we have the best education system. But we get people back to work. People need jobs. They key to the election in 2012 is who does the best job in getting and sells the message... The national election is going to be tied to who sells the message that people believe in that can get our country back to work. That's our biggest problem.

Q: The approval ratings came out today -- 29 percent, that's the lowest in the country for any governor. Are you confident that you're going to do things here, that you're going to create the jobs to get that number up? I mean, I know you're going to tell me that the number doesn't bother you. But 29 percent, Rick? That's got to bother you.

Scott: "Here's the deal: I was elected to get our state back to work. If you think about it, when you go make all the tough decisions, when you walk into a budget deficit of $3.7 billion and you hold people accountable — you make eduction is headed in the right direction, you make sure that you're getting the jobs back, it takes time for those things to happen. We're on the right track. The right things are going to happen. ... I'm sorry, I've got a 4:30 meeting I'm already late for."

(Scott's official schedule had no meeting at 4:30 p.m.)