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Scott keeps his promise on state pensions, PolitiFact Florida finds

Rick Scott didn't get all of the pension reforms he wanted for state employees during the 2011 legislative session.

But he got a lot.

For the first time in decades, state employees will be required to redirect part of their salaries to pay for part of their retirement benefits. Beginning July 1, 2011, all state employees will be required to put 3 percent of their salaries toward retirement.

That's a Promise Kept for Scott on PolitiFact Florida's Scott-O-Meter. Read why.


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If Social Security is a tax, this 3% is a TAX. If the governor and his political hypocrites want the FRS to be like a private pension/retirement plan, abandon the MANDATORY participation clause. Public employees should not be forced to contribute to a nanny state pension plan run by rich investors who take exhorbitant fees and commissions for themselves, their families, their friends, and their political allies.


Rick Scott the jerk. He says this is now more in line with private industry...then pay state employees the equivalent of private industry. They always get the negatives paid in full, but never the benefits....typical crap by loser politicians.

Bachelor of Health and Movement (sport)

What else does Rick Scott want to change with pension rules?

Freight Broker

When you say "will be required", does this mean, this rule is not yet implemented before? And regarding the retirement pay, will this bring good thing to the payor?

SMSF Audit

Some federal judges have found parts of the law to be unconstitutional and several more say it's fine.

Sydney Electrician

So glad we're not facing the same crisis here in Sydney.

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