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TV ad compares Carlos Gimenez to Carlos Alvarez

A third-party political group is out with a new ad trying to link Miami-Dade mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez to former Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Here's what the piece says:

Carlos Alvarez drove a fancy European car at taxpayer expense. Carlos Gimenez also drove a fancy European car at taxpayer expense. Carlos Alvarez: a BMW that we paid for. Carlos Gimenez: a Mercedes-Benz that we paid for. Alvarez was the mayor. Gimenez wants to be mayor. Carlos Alvarez and Carlos Gimenez: They can't be part of the solution because both are part of the problem.

Behind the ad is The Accountability Project, which began airing ads on Spanish-language radio against Gimenez weeks ago.

The electioneering group is registered to political consultant Keith Donner, who has said his group is not linked to any political candidate, though last year it received money from Julio Ponce, an ally of Julio Robaina, considered a leading contender in the mayor's race.

WPLG-TV host Michael Putney asked Gimenez about the piece during his show, This Week in South Florida, on Sunday morning.

"My response is that anybody who knows my record knows that I have been the voice of opposition to Carlos Alvarez," Gimenez said. "I voted against the Marlins Stadium. I voted against all the union contracts. I voted against tax increases...I'm running for Miami-Dade County because I'm not Carlos Al -- My name is Carlos but not Alvarez. It's Gimenez. I'm a completely different person."


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can't forget that Gimenez missed a key vote on UDB to travel to Europe to pick up his Mercedes which is paid for by taxpayers.


Robaina, on the other hand, has 4 cars, just sold his Bently GT, and 2 drivers paid by the City of Hialeah. His Chief of Staff, and now City Clerk, drives a new Mercedes E Class, and the Executive Director of the Hialeah Housing Authority, the same Julio Ponce who gave thousands to the "accountability project" drives a brand new 7 series BMW... Who is the problem now!! Also, PBA, Alvarez's biggest ally is working with Robaina.. Why?? Because Robaina just gave the Hialeah police a 12% increase, just a tad behind Alvarez's 13%.. Also, Robaina joined Alvarez to support the Marlins Stadium deal... Who is more like who... Oh, almost forgot, Alvarez had the highest salary in the State for a Mayor. Guess who took the #1 spot once he was recalled??? U guessed it, Julio Robaina!!!! Please!!!


Amazing to read in just about every blog all those against Robaina and supporting Gimenez.

Carlos Gimenez is no saint, in fact he is the HYPOCRITICAL one and his supporters know it. Carlos Gimenez's claim to fame is that he voted against everything, yet never championed one thing as a County Commissioner. NOT ONE THING!!

I am a Robaina supporter and I voted #25, only because he has a plan to get this economy back to work. Carlos Gimenez does not. Like Carlos Gimenz proudly states, CHECK MY RECORD" I did and its an indication that he has no clear vision, plan or historical initiative to get this community back to work. At the end of the day, I want to see my family and friends back to work, save their homes and regain their dignity.

I challenge anyone to prove that Gimenez has a strong plan to get Families back to work. Look CLOSLEY at his record and you will see what I am talking about!
ROBAINA #25!!!!


ATTN: Patrick.

Your an idiot with a ridiculous argument against Robaina. Stick to the issues and tell me what will Gimenez do get Families back to work? I have heard him speak, read his material and strongly beleive he will not do much to stimulate our local economy. He never did while serving in the commission and quite franly, at the end of the day, people want to work.


You guys are absolutely ridiculous. Carlos Gimenez is a champion of good politics and morals. He's not a nasty crook like Robaina.

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