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Video of Democrats getting booted from Gov. Rick Scott's budget event

Couple interesting things to watch for in this video:

The sheriff's deputy explains at the start that you can have signs at the event, but the signs have to be in "support." The deputy says he's there on official duty and just doing what he's told, but never says who his orders came from. (The Sumter County Sheriff's Office did not return a pair of calls today.)

The second video is a copy of Gov. Rick Scott's controversial robo-call trying to gin up support for his budget vetoes. (Background here)



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I love the guy who says that it is a violation of his Constitutional Rights. He does not understand. There was a free speech zone set up for demonstrators. This is the same thing is done for Obama, Biden, Nelson, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist. They were not being treated any differently.

Also, it was a public, not private event. The RPOF rented the space thus they have say over who can attend on the property they rented.

Now for all the Democrats who are going to scream look up Free Speech Zones, Protest Zones and you will see that both parties do it. This is such a non story.

Kathy T

Well if it was a private event then Governor Scott should not have been there in the first place. He is a public official performing a public function by signing a budget that affects every single floridian. He should save his private events for his private fund raising, and socializing with his friends. He was doing the people's business. Shame on him.


You are so right Kathy T. This is how dictators work. Its digusting that we have this kind of thing happening in Florida...what's worse is you actually have people that don't mind it and eve supporting him...what losers.

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