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Will Florida become a 'job magnet' for illegal immigrants?

Gov. Rick Scott started his day today with an interview on Freedom 94.5, a Fox-affiliated Panhandle radio station, in which he said state lawmakers should have passed an immigration bill this year.

"Immigration reform should have happened but there a lot of other things that did happen," Scott said during an appearance on "Freedom in the Morning with Wolfe and Andi.

Without a bill, which has dropped down Scott's priority list since calling on lawmakers to pass one in a special session last year, host Andi Newcombe asked if Florida would become a "job magnet for illegal aliens."

"What can be done now to save Florida from being the sanctuary state from a job magnet for illegal aliens now that Georgia and it looks like Alabama are demonstrating the courage to pass the e-Verify to get their legal state residents back to work?" asked Newcombe, who says she wants to be the "next Rush Limbaugh."

"We've got the next session," Scott said." "We've got to get ready for the next session and let everybody we elect know that its important to us."

Scott mentioned his executive order forcing agencies to use e-Verify.

"I'm doing the things I can do as you know by using e-Verify for anybody that does business with the government and make sure we do it for anybody that we hire," Scott said.

Newcombe then asked Scott if he would sign an executive order forcing all private businesses to use e-Verify.

"There's limitation on what you can do through executive order," Scott said. "I've done what I can."