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Alan Mendelsohn gets 4 years in prison

A respected Broward County doctor whose foray into Tallahassee political fundraising turned him into a criminal was sentenced to four years in prison in Fort Lauderdale federal court Wednesday, after a stinging rebuke from the judge.

U.S. District Judge William Zloch told Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, 53, that he deserved the stiff sentence because of his leading role in a Florida public corruption case that saw him divert $700,000 from campaign donations and other income to himself, his family and his mistress.

Zloch condemned Mendelsohn for orchestrating a pay-to-play scheme that thrived on political donors contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain legislative favors behind the scenes.


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Cynical Idealist

The scumbag deserved to get life in prison with no chance of parole....

T. Krysty

An excellent career gone down the tubes. It's what happens when there is too much money in politics. Money is NOT speech. Money leads to corruption.

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