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Charlie Crist, the once and (future?) governor

Interesting post by blogger Peter Schorsch on the new mood of Crist-o-philia:

“Hey, Governor, please, PLEASE, run again,” said the hundredth or so person to shake hands with Charlie Crist last Saturday at the ‘Hands Across the Sand’ event in St. Pete Beach.

“It’s just Charlie,” replies the once-and-future Governor, who, although he won’t say it, appears to have gained a much-needed five pounds on his decidedly thin frame.

If Charlie Crist is one thing right now, it’s a happily married man.  The former state Senator, Commissioner of Education, Attorney General and Governor was a bachelor for much of his time in public life, but for the last three years, Charlie Crist has been a husband and step-father.  And, just as it is for most any man, the wonders of family life have matured Crist for the better.

So, whether it be because he is out of office or because of the joys of marriage or just because he is closer to sunset than sunrise, Charlie Crist is a very different man than he was only a few years ago.

Full blog here

One rebuttal: The piece links to a propaganda blog that falsely sets up a straw man to knock it down. Consider this: "mainstreamers' stories continue to suggest the real job creation started not with Rick Scott's forays to California or Panama or Canada in his own plane, but as a natural turn in the economy and as a result of Governor Charlie's initiatives."


There's a reason there's no link to these "stories" (plural) that "continue" (a pattern). The "stories" plural don't seem to exist. So we Googled "Charlie Crist economy" and this headline "Charlie Crist fudging economy numbers. Again," caught our eye. It's from a from a certain mainstream blog, which chronicled Crist's troubles handling the economy.

Note the last blog link. In it, the Republican Party of Florida and an anonymous conservative blogger suggest the economy's turning around. So the narrative of things getting better under Crist started with the GOP and conservatives. Difference is: We in the mainstream media didn't buy it.