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Checking Marco Rubio's claim from maiden speech about U.S. innovation

Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, played up the successes of America in his first U.S. Senate speech Tuesday.

Among them, he claimed, that Americans invented mobile phones, e-mail, Internet and GPS. PolitiFact Florida. PolitiFact Florida wondered if he was right.


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Sunshine 305

Robaina’s political career is over! Congras Gimenez!!! You now Have My VOTE thanks to Uncle Luke.

Luke I understand the concept you were trying to do by building an “Administration Team”; however, you guys (Luke, Robaina & Rutledge) could NEVER duplicate the Obama/Clinton Administration Team. Simply because you’re inane and talk too much!!! You’ve done a great job destroying yall’s reputation & careers. And if Rutledge continues to hang around you, then he’s the fool! Its time you leave politics alone and reach out to your five (or six) children you’ve abandoned. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Pierre why do you continue to be Luke’s puppet? This is not the first (or last) time Luke used you for your brains. No one feels sorry for you because you were in on Luke’s scheme from the beginning. You hurt yourself by attending Luke’s press conference for Robaina. Your presences at the press conference clearly confirmed a job was offered to you and you ACCEPTED it. I strongly recommend you NEVER run for office again. We will remember this! Mr. Rutledge ran for the City of Miami Commissioner District 5 seat twice in 1997 & 2010. He lost both times. So who’s laughing at Spence-Jones now?

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