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Calling it a "sordid affair," Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls for Anthony Weiner to resign

In what political observers have suggested could be the death knell for the embattled congressman's career, the chairwoman of the DNC is calling for Anthony Weiner to step down.

"It is with great disappointment that I call on Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign," she said in a statement released by the Democratic National Committee. "The behavior he has exhibited is indefensible and Representative Weiner's continued service in Congress is untenable. This sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction for Representative Weiner, his family, his constituents and the House --and for the good of all, he should step aside and address those things that should be most important -- his and his family's well-being."


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Al Dente

Thank goodness Weiner is getting rehab at the same clinic that treated Tiger Woods. The deets R @: http://spnheadlines.blogspot.com/2010/03/tiger-located-at-illinois-sex-rehab_16.html


Why is mr obama supporting weiner? As head of the democrat party he should show leadership and demand that weiner resign.

Woody G

The Gerbil speaks!!!!...After many, many days of the matter being splattered front page in all the papers, the Gerbil FINALLY opened her mouth (unusual for a blabbermouth)to call on this sleazebag to get the hell out!

Congratulations, Debbie; for you have shown more testicular fortitude than all the male Democrats in Congress

your loyal Florida constituent

King Leopold of Uganda

I find condiments to be most amusing. At the moment, I am in Publix laughing uncontrollably at a jar of Hellman's Mayonnaise.


Guess Wasserman didn't get tweeted enough.

Nancy Ritz

Where is Sluggo? Auntu Fritzi has prepared a delicious platter of cold luncheon meats for us to enjoy and he is nowhere to be found!


Wasserman-Schults the hypocritical Jew, should resign too for her unbridled support of Obama's Mideast policy. You are a political coward like Weiner. I am a registered Democrat,but I refuse to support and anti-Israeli president.


Perhaps if the Israelis stopped behaving like fascists and ceased building ILLEGAL settlements on occupied land we could take some baby steps towards actual peace and a workable framework for a Palestinian state.

I hate to break the news to you, Zionist, but Israel's needs are not any more important than anyone else's nor are Israelis any better than anyone else. Obama isn't nearly critical enough of them, actually. and U.S. foreign policy is largely dictated by the Israeli lobby in this country, often to the detriment of what is in our own national interests.

"Anti-Israeli" president?? What a hoot. I'll take him anyday over that militant, anti-HUMAN Benjamin Naziyahoo.

gerald schwartz

debbie needs to do positive things, not criticize a fellow Democrat who has support of great majority of his constituents. She only helps Republicans.


As a North Fl dem that has been a registered dem since 1971 I have to ask my brethern in South Florida is they consider Saint Debbie a damn yankee or a carpetbagger? Personally I think she is both and along with the Wiener wagger also needs to go. Down with the far left wing uber liberal dems.

Bob Treat

How did that sleaze get a wife when a good man like myself keeps on getting rejected?

George Fuller

Only a few days ago DWS kept repeating it was a private affair......she must have just gotten new polling data since they are not capable on their own of knowing right from wrong.......

boca spin doctor

Dem leaders are throwing Weiner under the bus, yet he did nothing illegal. Stupid yes, but not illegal. So sad. Let him get the professional help he needs and go on with his life.


Weiner's lies against Breitbart didn't stand. If they had worked, she would still be singing his praises. When one liar gets caught it's not good policy to stay on his side. It is their stock an trade to lie and destroy. She played the came card against West when she thought it would help her man in the last election, calling him a woman hater because he had a motorcycle story posted in a magazine. She even took that to the streets in front of his campaign office. Little Lying Debbie.

Stich Jones

Debbie Wasserman Schultz - what a joke, look at the trash you elect and wonder why the country is going to hell.

H Gui

I used to like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but her tyring to get one of the democrats best and most outposken leaders to resign because of his own personal indescretions that have nothing to do with governing is indefensable. Screw you debbie, and enough on the war on men! Yes we do things like email pics of our you know whats, who cares! get over it!

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