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Dems issue robo-calls to attack West on social security

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing a robo-call in U.S. Rep. Allen West's Broward/Palm Beach district. The focus of the attack: social security -- a crucial topic in a district home to many seniors. Republicans recently unveiled the "Savings Account for Every American" Act that would allow seniors to opt-out of social security and into a "SAFE" investment account.

Both parties have a laser focus on Congressional District 22 because it is a swing district and West has become a national, well-funded figure expected to raise millions of dollars.

Here is the text of the call:

"Hi, this is Clare calling on behalf of the DCCC.  What does Congressman Allen West have against seniors? 

 First West voted with his Republican leadership to end Medicare while protecting subsidies for Big Oil and tax breaks for billionaires.  Now, they are trying to privatize Social Security.

 Republican leaders’ scheme to gamble the Social Security that seniors worked a lifetime to earn on Wall Street is way too dangerous.  One bad market could wipe out years of savings, putting generations of retirees at risk.  

 Call Congressman Allen West at (561) 655-1943 and tell him not to gamble Social Security on Wall Street."

The robocall doesn't name H.R. 2109 -- the SAFE Act -- specifically and the bill hasn't come up for a vote yet. But West's spokeswoman Angela Sachitano told us in an e-mail today:

"Congressman West did not support this and would never support this.The robocall is disingenuous, and refers to “they”, trying  to trick the constituent."







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I guess it would be too much for the Herald to actually comment on the serious distortion of FACTS contained in the robocall?

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story...


The Democrats have worked too hard leading our country into total economic collapse and eventual communism to have someone like Allen West mess that up. Cloward/Piven and Marxism go together like peanut butter and jelly.


They should have just kept it simple with, "hello, are you aware of what a Dick Congressman West is?"

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