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Did Allen West violate federal law by scuba diving with U.S. flag?

A couple days before Flag Day, Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West went for what was supposed to be a fun excursion for the Army vet: A patriotic dive off the coast in Broward County.

Little did West know he was entering hot water.

The Miami Herald reported on West's June 12, 2011 dive with a group of Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans and published a photo of West underwater in scuba gear, saluting the American flag. "I think it's important wherever we are, that the flag flies," West, a 22-year veteran Army officer and experienced scuba diver, told the Herald. The veterans who joined him agreed.

But bloggers claim the whole thing was illegal, based on U.S. Code.

PolitiFact Florida takes on the new Internet meme.


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his majestys service

The Lords Elect : Michael

Enters the 2012 race!
The time has come to stand up!


D Bird

and- i dont understand, they didnt destroy it, they salute to it under water, it dries.

Seth Sklarey

Based on the article and the legal comments, it's OK to burn the American flag under water. I am more annoyed by the politicians who use the flag in their campaign photos. It is improper to use the flag for advertising but it doesn't stop the politicians or the car dealers who use numerous huge flags at their car lots. And, by the way they are supposed to take the flags down every night and follow the folding protocol.
I just don't vote for politicians who wrap themselves in the flag, use it for advertising, or wear it on their lapels. You live your patriotism, not flaunt it.

joe blow

West is a total looney tune "one and done" teaturd congressman.
he'll soon join Anthony Weiner and Alan Greyson as the most bizarre House members ever!


I am 100% agree with Seth Sklarey in the above comments. It's all about advertising. Nothing patriotic.

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