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In Miami-Dade, the I'm-not-Carlos-Alvarez election

Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez would like voters to believe that they have sharply opposed views on how to be the one thing the public clearly wants: a take-charge mayor who will hold the line on taxes and make a dysfunctional County Hall work.

But in reality, the candidates’ messages in the waning days of the campaign are hard to tell apart.

In advertisements, campaign appearances and robocalls, they both hit the highlights:

Seasoned leadership — check.

Roll back taxes — check.

Reform — check.

Over the past week, the two hopefuls staged made-for-media events to push ideas that are not really new and not particularly specific — just repackaged enough to ensure the rivals would remain on the television airwaves and in voters’ minds leading up to an election Tuesday expected to draw low turnout.

The last-minute push to promote their vision for the county appears to have done little to catch the eye of undecided voters who expressed dwindling enthusiasm toward the race.

“At this point, the choices are so bad that I don’t know what to do,” said Lourdes Riera, a 67-year-old retiree from Little Gables who characterized the choice as picking between the lesser of two evils. “The more I think of it, the worse it gets.” Full story here.