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Is Rick Scott getting more popular?

A new poll of Florida voters shows that Rick Scott might not be so unpopular after all, with 51 percent of respondeents disapproving of his job performance and 45 percent approving of it. That's according to a survey of 1,235 Florida voters taken by a group that calls itself Viewpoint Florida -- a Republican leaning concern headed up by operatives Randy Nielsen (Public Concepts) and Pat Bainter (Data Targeting).

The numbers aren't much to brag about -- except when you compare this poll to the survey taken by Quinnipiac University last month, which showed that only 29 percent favored Scott's job performance, making him the least-popular governor in America.



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I've never loathed anyone as much as I do of Rick Scott! He is so like my psycho ex, the pathological liar! WHERE ARE THE JOBS, RICK SCOTT??? WHERE ARE THE JOBS THAT YOU AND YOUR ARROGANT, LYING CHRONIES PROMISED DURING YOUR CAMPAIGNS???


the Viewpoint poll is skewed........no doubt - ask anyone on the street and they'll tell you that scott is the worst because he's picking his constituents pockets the same way he did medicare's pockets


Where are the jobs? Yes, let's ask Obama the same question at least he's been in office for two years and Rick Scott has been in office 6 months. As for lying, he did not say there would be 700,000 jobs in 6 months try 7 years. Anyway, you obviously weren't paying attention because he has kept the majority of his promises. Keep up the good work Governor, don't listen to LadyWhatever

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