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Jon Huntsman doin' some 'splainin' on blog,Twitter

From Republican Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign

Today, Jon Huntsman for President launches 2012RealityRoom.com and @RealityRoom on Twitter. The reality room is a searchable database that will outline Gov. Huntsman's record and position on issues and provide "reality checks" debunking false information being spread about Gov. Huntsman. Led by rapid response director Matt Connelly, the @RealityRoom Twitter feed will be a first of its kind real-time, national rapid responder setting the record straight with tweeters large and small on issues of the day. Jon Huntsman is running for President on his record of historic tax cuts, balancing budgets, signing free-market health care, and creating jobs. The Reality Room will cut through the spin and educate voters on Gov. Huntsman's strong record.



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Welcome to Florida Jon.
We have a short/long history of welcoming carpetbaggers to our state and then quickly rejecting them.
Maybe you should have stayed in New Mexico...
Be seeing you.

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