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Jon Huntsman's Florida-bound

Jon Huntsman looks like the first Republican presidential candidate who's taking must-win Florida seriously. He scheduled three events Thursday (two in Miami, one in Orlando) and has announced some top-notch Florida talent: campaign manager Susie Wiles (of Rick Scott fame), operatives David "DJ" Johnson, Marc Reichelderfer (a one-time Romney guy), Florida director Nikki Jerger Lowery (former Jeb Bush aide).

But, despite all this talent, a big question hangs over Huntsman: Can/will the GOP electorate go along with a guy who supported cap and trade, worked for President Obama, supported the stimulus and favored civil unions? More here on that. Note: Huntsman's staff says the global-warming position has been distorted, and his support for civil unions was akin to former President George Bush's stance.

Anyway, here are the Florida events:

10:10 AM --
 Visit Everglades Lumber and Building Supply
6991 SW 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33144

10:40 AM --
 Casual Discussion with Local Business Leaders
Sarussi Cafe and Restaurant
6797 SW 8th St
Miami, Florida 33144

4:30 PM --
 Huntsman for President National Headquarters Opening
255 South Orange Ave, Suite 600
Orlando, FL 32801
- Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting
- Brief Remarks



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Nick Howard

Mr Huntsman: What the hell are you smoking?
by Nick Howard
The view you had of America from 10,000 miles away in the Prison Nation of Communist China “is a picture of Liberty, opportunity, and Justice”?
Are you crazy? Did the Chi-Coms slip something into your drink? Are you smoking Medical Marijuana? Or are you just another Born-to-be-Bland, wealthy, elitist RINO? I’m going with All of the Above.
The picture of America is one of broken hopes and dreams, and industries intentionally sabotaged by The Great Leader. No, not Mao – Obama! It’s the land of crushed real estate values and repossessed homes. And of runaway Federal intrusion into the Private Sector.
The US Constitution, under Obama, has become just another stinky piece of road-kill on the expressway to World Government, Marxism, and Islamism.
Mr. Huntsman, I’m going to tell you how I really feel. In your announcement you got just about everything ass-backwards.
Let’s get it right. Obama does not love this country; he hates it and is successfully destroying it. Obama was born and raised overseas in 3rd world countries (Kenya and Indonesia) by Muslim Marxist fathers. He attended Islamic schools until his teens. 2012 is about who is the most faithful American. It’s about saving this country from those who seek to destroy it.
Let me correct you, sir, about Washington, DC. Washington has no solutions to our problems. Washington – and Jello-heads like you – are the problem.
Your entire speech was emotionless. That’s because you don’t understand the current threats – at home and abroad – to everything we hold dear. In the face of lethal, existential threats, you’re wielding a fly swatter.
A cordial campaign is not going to cut it. You have to call Obama exactly what he is -- Pol Pot, Mao, Che Guevara, and Herpes all rolled up into one.
For God’s sake, Mr. Huntsman, come out of your trance. Clear your head. Put on the armor of God and fight the Good Fight.
We know who, collectively, is trying to destroy America. We know why. If this last bastion of Freedom is destroyed, there won’t be anything to keep the world from plunging into a thousand years of darkness and tyranny.
That is the real picture, Mr. Huntsman. And it’s not 10,000 miles away. It’s knocking at your front door. God save this country from people who don’t care.

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