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Kathy Castor says Weiner should resign; Debbie Wasserman Schultz stays mum

Rep. Kathy Castor today became the first Florida Democrat to say that embattled NY Dem Anthony Weiner should resign.

A spokeswoman for the Tampa Democrat says she believes Weiner should resign, but didn't elaborate. The flap over the married Weiner's propensity for sending questionable photos to women he met on social networking sites has Democrats hoping for a quick exit.

CQ Roll Call Editor David Hawkings suggested Weiner's "death knell will be sounded whenever word comes" from Democratic national chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He notes that the Broward Democrat, "another fortysomething native of the outer boroughs" earned her stripes as a "clear-eyed partisan tactician and a forceful practitioner of message discipline. Once she says he’s got to go for the sake of the party’s fortunes in 2012, his departure will be swift."

Wasserman Schultz has declined comment -- telling the CBS Early Show before Weiner acknowledged Monday that he had lied -- that it was a "personal matter." Reports suggest Weiner has told colleagues today that he wants to stay in office.


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edd parra

very good. its wonderful your newspaper, go on.

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Bill Dalton

Finally a Democrat in Florida with scruples enough to earn my respect. Thank you Kathy Castor!

Come on now Debbie Wasserman Shultz let us hear from you! Don't think staying mum on this matter relieves you of the responsibility of stating a position.

You were elected the leader of the Democrat National Committee and it is time for you to pull up your big girl pants and say what you think about Anthony Weiner's photo and behavior.

Get a spine Debbie and lets hear from you puhleeze!

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