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Luther Campbell calls for support for 'Robaino'

Luther Campbell, the former Miami-Dade mayoral candidate and ex-frontman of hip-hop group 2 Live Crew, sent a message to his friends in cell phone text messages and via Twitter on Friday urging them to vote for the man Campbell has endorsed in Tuesday's runoff: Julio Robaina.

Spelling "Robaina," however, may not be Campbell's strong suit.

Here's the message: "Voting Robaino for good reasons he's the only on that cares about black people. You have to care about all people to be the Mayor."

(Gimenez, for the record, has repeatedly said he wants to be the mayor for all of Miami-Dade County.)


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I am not happy with either one

I have to wonder if Luther Campbell is trying to help Robaina or hurt him? If Robaina loses no doubt in my mind Luke is a big part of the reason. I don't think Luke can deliver the people who voted for him and Campbell's behavior has cost Robaina a lot of votes.

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