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PPPoll: Rick Scott so unpopular that switch Dem Charlie Crist would "crush" him

From Public Policy Polling, which typically surveys for Democrats and liberal groups:

Already the least popular governor in the country when PPP last polled  Florida in March, Rick Scott has slid even further in the public’s eyes.  Then 32% approved and 55% disapproved.  Now, 33% approve and 59% disapprove.  His entire decline has been with independents....

Voters also say they would vote for ex-[Republican/]governor Charlie Crist to return to office as a Democrat, 56-34 over Scott.  Independents would favor Crist, 62-30.  Voters are pretty warm to the idea of Crist running as a Democrat, with 43% saying he should join that party to 26% saying he should not.  Democrats are most supportive of it, 46-18. 

“If Charlie Crist has a future in electoral politics it’s probably as a Democrat,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.  “And while he would trounce Rick Scott the reality is that so would a ham sandwich as the Governor continues to become more and more unpopular.” 

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Saint Petersblog

An afternoon with Charlie, the once-and-future Governor


George Fuller

Scott is the first straight talking governor I can recall.....

Teachers and other public employees believe the citizens are here to support them regardless of performance.....

Name another job besides teaching where you get tenure regardless of how bad a teacher you are....


George Fuller is living on another planet. It is the administrators responsibilities to supervise teachers and take action when needed. Too bad most administrators are too lazy to do their job. There is no such thing as tenure. Teachers and other public employees never expect support from sour people like George Fuller. How is Scott a "straight talker"? He flip flopped on budget cuts for people with disabilities. He flip flopped on cuts to K12 education. He is unwilling to take responsibility for the fiasco budget signing at The Village. He won't EVER admit that his 700,000 job plan involves nothing but low paying no benefit service jobs that will create more demand for government services. He doesn't care if the government grows as long as he and his business friends don't have to pay for it. If he is a straight shooter, he will have to come out and say "I am here to make more money for me and my friends and I don't really care about anything else. Have a nice day."

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