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Republicans calling again for Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott has recorded another phone call that the Republican Party of Florida is blasting out today.

We're told the call is Scott talking about a pair of new laws in Florida: One requiring drug testing for welfare recipients and another aimed at cracking down on the state's prescription drug epidemic.

The drug testing law is one of the few things for which the unpopular Scott has received high marks from the public. He initially opposed the prescription drug changes, but came around and back the bill, which is largely an initiative from Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Republicans also paid for another phone call last month that let Scott tell Floridians about his vetoes of the "special interest waste" that his fellow Republicans put in the state budget. Listen to that phone call here.


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The drug testing for no reason is so wrong - its offensive. How can this be happening in the U.S.? How dare the republicans pass this. They are picking on the weak and needy of our society. Can you imagine a drug test for corporation executives who get tax breaks and pay no taxes to the state of Florida? You would never see something like this. The republicans are shameful and evil. Its time for change in the Legislature, but we got 3 more years of a crook as Governor.


I think it is a great idea to order drug tests for welfare recipients. My tax dollars are paying their bills. They should not be paying for their bad habits.

Drug Test Friend

Welfare recipients are not the only ones that need to be drug tested, some state officials should be tested as well.

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