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The Bono-Diaz Balart connection: a free Cuba, Dr. Biscet

At last night's U2 concert, surrounded by Amnesty International candles, Bono told the crowd of the struggles of Dr. Oscar Biscet, doing 25 years time in a Cuban prison for human-rights work. Background here. Bono has been personally lobbied on the Biscet's cause by Miami Rep. Mario Diaz Balart, who met with the rock star last week and last year to raise awareness of human-rights issues, Biscet and Orlando Zapata, another jailed activist who died in 2010 after staging a hunger strike on the island. Diaz-Balart's brother, former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart, has also met with Bono (who paid a visit last week to Sen. Marco Rubio in D.C.).

After the shoutout, Republican fundraiser Ana Navarro told Rep. Diaz-Balart about it via email.

Navarro says Bono didn't limit his song to Cuban political prisoners. He also highlighted the plight of Myanmar's jailed moral leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

"He also dedicated, It's Beautiful Day to Gabby Giffords and featured a video from Mark Kelly which was recorded when he was on space shuttle, some weeks ago, where he sent a message of optimism to the world and a special message of love to his wife. It was quite moving," Navarro said in an email.

Giffords is one of the few survivors in the Tucson shooting rampage earlier this year.


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Milton Sanchez-Parodi

Too bad for Bono being fed misinformation and used by the anti-Cuban mafia, suporters of terrorist in Miami and holders of 5 anti-terrorist Cubans in US jails.

George Fraguio

Bono Misinformed? That's an oxymoron...he knows what's going on better than most; with political and celebrity clout that gives him access to what's going on in the world. He knows that in Cuba a comment like yours opposing their regime posted on a blog could get you either serious injury from govt. Goons or extended jail time.In the US you just get educated by me... ;)

Sharion Mia Opinionstein

I'm all for a free Cuba, and wish for freedom for Dr. Biscet. But watching Bono last night at the concert reminded me of seeing all these politicians who come to Miami and pander to us Cuban-Americans by wearing a guayabera and having a cafecito at Versailles.

Armando Hernandez

Milton sounds bitter! LOL LOL

G Money

Milton is retarded. Just trying to piss off Cubans.


I may also be labelled as retarded by some. Difference is, that I knew and shared the brutal history the Diaz-Balart slave-drivers inflicted on the lives of thousands in the Cuban Soweto of Banes, where these born-again Black lovers of Biscet, Zapata, Antunez and others, would have had to enter their homes through the kitchen door, in order to cook, clean, wash their dirty clothes or care their children, while they played Bridge, Polo or Tennis and deprived their servants of electricity, running water, sewer, jobs, schools or health care.

Proven Racists and Hypocrites who are now shamefully using the tragedy of Reina Luisa Zapata's son, just as they did before with Paula Valiente,another black woman who was cruelly used, deceived and dumped, as they will with Reina Luisa.

George Fraguio

Chuck, the fact is that the many plantations that you speak about from centuries ago have become a one island plantation owned by egomaniacal slave owning brothers veiled in demagoguery and revolution that just revolves in the same place for 50 years. (No growth, no democracy, no freedom)Its not about race Chuck it’s about Human Rights… that’s why these individuals are being mentioned. Its not about the Cuban American “Mafia” it’s about a country mired in disrepair and despair.

Lets keep the focus on the issue .


Don't worry about Milton...I've asked him numerous times (responding to the nasty messages he so frequently writes) if he is related to Cuba's first Interest Section Chief, who is also "Sanchez-Parodi." Being that he has never taken the time to respond, I think that he is related. He also has a humanitarian license to ship to Cuba...it's amazing who the U.S. government will give that to. The website for his agency claims "he has significant experience working with the Cuban Interests Section in Washington." I wonder where that came from...
Here's the website: http://www.vistatradegroup.com/our_team.html


Mr. Sanchez is required to participate in forums on behalf of the castro family's interests in order to keep his business and profit from the missery of the Cuban people. He is not the only one, perhaps others do it with more sincerity.

They all parrot the same words, I would bet they have a little checklist and earn points according to how many words they use.

Not A Commie

Mr Parodi is actually the lover of Raul, that's why he defends them so much, :)

Pedro G

Thanks for the link Ms. Vanessa, Do I need to say more regarding these Commie Bourgeoisie hypocrites , there's a reason why communism destroys private business, that way they eliminate their competition and keep all profits for themselves. Mr. Sanchez-Parody is a collaborator of the Robo-lucion. regarding artists sticking their noses in politics? I think they should mind their own business. Let's remember how many more artists support Fidel and communism.

Angel de SanGenis

Well, imaging if Raul would have done 50 years ago what he is doing now. What a wonderful Cuba we would have now. Beautiful people. The best of the Caribbean and Latin America. Best doctors, best lawyers, best scientists. But I think is to late now for the Castros to realize the damage they have done to our people, for fifty years. I believe it will take another fifty years to come back to what Cuba was before these criminals took control of everything. And of course...these Castroit agents living in USA have a good life. Protection, money and freedom.
But their time is coming...a todos les llegara su San Martin!!!


Denial will always be fuel for oikophobics propagating hatred or playing the blame game.
The whole world knows how free they could be.
Independence is the ultimate freedom. Free to travel,sing,speak out,love and adore. United in Love we still need to fight for freedom,peace and speak up to those who shut us up. The hate for America and other free states is blind to the rest of the worlds slavery. Easy when the mark is not only visible but beautiful. The fight for freedom will always persist in spite of all arguements and false pleasures. Silencing is over.

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