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The Dept. of Told ya So: Mack endorses Haridopolos

Confirmation of yesterday's report re: Connie Mack endorsing Mike Haridopolos. Here's the statement:

"For too long Bill Nelson’s liberal record has been at odds with Floridians.  From his support of ObamaCare, his opposition to tax cuts and his recent attempt to further bankrupt our state and federal government with his support of an unnecessary rail line, Bill Nelson can no longer be trusted with our tax dollars.  Mike Haridopolos has confronted the challenges of our day with a steadfast commitment to freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility and I am proud to stand with him to put Florida and our country back on a path of economic and job growth," said Rep. Mack. "I remember fondly Mike’s participation in the Freedom Caucus in Tallahassee and his watchful eye on the state budget as President of the Senate.  I ask all Florida Republicans today to join me in my support of Mike Haridopolos for the U.S. Senate," Rep. Mack concluded.

 "I'm proud to have earned the endorsement of Congressman Mack, as I greatly admire his dedication to being a strong champion for limited government and freedom, here and abroad," Haridopolos said. "He has been a leader in reforming government and promoting fiscal discipline both in Florida and Washington, D.C. I look forward to having Connie with me on the campaign trail."