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The robocall that just won't go away

The mysterious robocall trashing Hialeah politics that came out two weeks ago in the Miami-Dade mayor's race is staying alive, despite no longer going to voters' answering machines.

Julio Robaina's campaign filed a complaint Tuesday with the Miami-Dade state attorney's office asking for an investigation into the origin of the call. Robaina's camp blames his opponent, Carlos Gimenez, who says he had nothing to do with it.

The complaint centers on the confusion over who is behind the call. Robaina's campaign says listeners have reported hearing that the call came from Common Sense Now, a third-party group run by Gimenez. A Miami Herald reporter heard the call from the Committee for Honest Government, a separate group that uses the same accountant as Common Sense Now.

But the head of the Committee for Honest Government said he had no knowledge of the call. Gimenez told a Herald reporter on Monday that he has found out nothing new about the call in the past two weeks.

The complaint by Robaina's campaign suggests that if the Committee for Honest Government is behind the call, it did not have enough funds reported on hand to pay for it. And if Common Sense Now is involved, the complaint raises questions about a consulting firm Gimenez's campaign paid for robocalls -- Cornerstone Management Partners, of Bergenfield, N.J.

Robaina's campaign said it could not reach the company, registered to a single-family home in New Jersey and not registered as a corporation with the state of Florida.

"There's much more here than an election violation," said Jose "Pepe" Herrera, the lawyer who filed the complaint on behalf of Robaina's campaign.

It's unclear whether the state attorney's office will do anything with the complaint, or send it to another agency, like the state election commission.


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mario porfilio

and carlos hernandez, the mayor of hialeah is supporting this clown?

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