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The strange p.r. strategy of Rick Scott

Rick Scott is the governor who doesn't care about poll numbers. But he still has a top-notch pollster (Tony Fabrizio) on his payroll.

Scott doesn't care about newspaper editorial boards. But his staff has solicited citizens to mail in pre-fab support letters to the editor.

Scott is the outsider. But he frequently attends D.C. beltway events and hired the ultimate Tallahassee insider (Steve MacNamara) to be his new staff chief.

Scott brushes off criticism. But his staff at the Republican Party of Florida is still robo-calling citizens to tout his accomplishments.

Politicians who act in a more nuanced fashion than they speak is nothing new, but the post-election robo-calls are a first. And, coupled with the letters-to-the-editor ploy that earned him a mocking spot on The Colbert Report, the strategy appears to be backfiring. A new poll shows he remains the nation's least-popular governor who would be handily beaten by his predecessor, Gov. Charlie Crist, or his previous opponent, Alex Sink. Of course, it's easier to do well in a poll. It's far tougher to best Scott at the polls. Just ask Sink.

Still, something odd is afoot. Here's today's story on the robo-calls.


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He is a first class bozo. I regret that I ever voted for him. It is undoubtedly the worst vote I've ever cast.


Its odd, we go from having a governor of absolutely no substance but the best PR machine ever created - to a guy with lots of substance who is completely unlikeable by the general public, and someone who has the worst staff and press people in the world.

It would be nice to have Jeb Bush and Lawton back wouldn't it. Someone with substance who is likeable.

I personally believe Rick Scott will not run again in 3 years and he knows that full well today.


Rick Scott hates ALL of the residents of Florida, not just state workers. He's just not found a way to dip his hand into the pockets of the private sector, but I'm sure he will. Scott doesn't give a shi$ about how his decisions affect the Florida residents who are regular people and not filthy rich like himself and his corporate friends he supports. By the time his reign of terror is over most Florida residents will be eating cereal for dinner and sitting at home gazing at the walls all weekend because it's all they can do to barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. What an a@@.


This is what we get when we elect a criminal to the governor's office. And yes, he's a criminal, because back in the 1990's, his health care company was levied the biggest fine ever for Medicare fraud.

Some of us aren't shocked that he has turned out to be such a corrupt and self-serving politician. After all, we actually remembered that he was such a corrupt and self-serving CEO.


Florida elected him, and deserves him. Those who didn't vote for him are all the more screwed.

C Berry

Floridians are furious about getting Robo calls from Governor Rick Scott.
One way to stop them is to look up the home numbers of the County (your county) Republican Party on Google.
A call to the wannabees expressing your joy at being called by Robo-Rick is appropriate.
If you have insomnia, early AM is a fine time

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