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Tom Rooney and the "Man-Eating Super Snake"

The Palm Beach Republican appears in an Animal Planet documentary -- Man-Eating Super Snake -- that debuts Wednesday night on the growing population of dangerous, imported snakes like African rock pythons and Burmese pythons in South Florida. 

Rooney's office says he'll discuss his legislative efforts to protect the Everglades and surrounding communities by restricting the importation of these snakes, which not only pose a deadly threat to people, pets and farm animals, but can also cause extensive damage to Florida’s ecosystem.

"Banning the importation of these dangerous snakes is critical to the survival of the Everglades and the surrounding ecosystems," said Rooney. "These invasive predators are causing severe damage to our native wildlife, and they need to be eradicated."


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Can't Take It Anymore

Perhaps one solution to the python problem would be to show them how to eat Republicans and drop off a few dozen truckloads of them in the middle of The Villages. It is well known the the locals are very bitter and the pythons would probably choke on many of them. No doubt, the Village People would eschew any type of government interference in ridding the place of the critters.

Sublime Boa Constrictor

This is getting really out of hand. Not the Pythons mind you, but the politicians and governmental agencies and billionaire lobbyist' who fill the general public with hyperbole, sensationalism and manufactured evidence that didn't undergo proper scientific peer review, concerning a problem that has not only been proven to be exaggerated, but essentially a localized problem being treated as a National problem.

We have better things we could do with all the money that's been poured into this issue. All the proposed rulings would accomplish is essentially putting 100's of thousands of small businesses out of business, and not fixing the problem in the Everglades.

I say if you're going to post news about things, get ALL the facts. Not just the drama bits.


this is so ridiculous. the snakes down there are not a danger to people. the only serious possibility is that they could be hard on Florida wildlife, and I haven't even seen a well respected study showing that.


when will it END OH THE HUMANITY

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