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Unwilling to answer about Medicare plan, Mike Haridopolos booted off talk show

U.S. Senate candidate and Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos was essentially booted off a conservative St. Augustine radio show when the Republican refused to tell host Ray Junior if he'd vote for or against U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan. 

After repeated efforts to get a straight answer out of Haridopolos, the exasperated host finally said "get rid of him." Will voters do the same if Haridopolos keeps it up?

The transcript:

Junior: The question is simple: You're a Senator today. The Ryan plan comes across your desk. Are you voting yes or no?

Haridopolos: Again, Ray Junior, I'm not getting into that today because it's not the vote that I'm dealing with

Junior: But you're on my show. This is the question I'm asking. We're trying to figure out whether we want to vote for you to become a U.S. Senator. Are you voting for the Ryan plan or not? This is not about what you want to talk about. This is what I want to talk about. I want to know: Do you vote for this bill or not?

Haridopolos: What I'd like to talk about is simple - what did I do in the state Legislature...

Junior: I'm not interested in what you want to talk about, Mike. I’m mention what the voters want to talk about. The voters want to talk about the budget. And I'm interested in what I want to talk about -- my show. Tell me: You voting for the Ryan plan, yes or no?

Haridopolos: Again, I don’t have all the information to make that decision yet.

Junior: How could you possibly not have all that information, you're running for Senate?

Haridopolos: Ray, I thought you wanted to talk about what we had accomplished, not about a hypothetical.

Junior: Your guy that asked for you to be on the show said “Hey, I’d like to get him on the show.’ I said ‘fine. Let’s bring him on the show.’ So I’m asking you that question.
The only reason people avoid questions like this, Mike, is because they don't want to be tied in -- when they don't want to actually have people see how they would do things. There's no reason to avoid this question. How could you possibly be running for U.S. Senate and not know what's in the Ryan bill?

Haridopolos: I know what's in the Ryan bill, but again, what you're asking me is a fair question. What I'm telling you is...

Junior: Ok, I'd like a fair answer...

Haridopolos:...A lot of people are talking about hypotheticals -- if they run, if they win. Let's talk about what I actually accomplished

Junior: Laughter... no, no, no. You're not doing that, Mike. Every single thing a person talks about when they're on the campaign trail is a hypothetical. A hundred percent of it. There's nothing that's not hypothetical. The only way we know whether it's going to be true or not is when they get into office is if they follow through on the things they said they would do. That's why I'm asking you: Would you vote yes or no on Ryan?
Haridopolos: Exactly what I'm bringing up. My point as well. I made a promise to balance the budget, not raise taxes, not raise fees..

Junior: Ok, does the Ryan plan do that? Does the Ryan plan do that?

Haridopolos: Look, the Ryan plan is what's in Washington

Junior: Ok, get him off my phone. I don't want anything to do with this guy. Get rid of him.


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Haridopeya-s did what he always does, avoids the question and tries to take it where he wants to take it. I have always known that if a person is tough with this pip squeak, he crumbles.

His head is very bloated. Arrogance is the last thing he should be after he cried at the end of session because Thrasher and Cannon screwed him so badly


Imagine the 4th largest state in the hands of a twiti with hardly any life experience and a twit that has lived off of the very same government he demands be made smaller and live within its means.
Id like to see him live within his means if they took away the fake government jobs he has been given for his sellout votes. He truly is a piece of trash and moron lockstep republicans have been playing follow the leader, the moron leader. Its time that real republicans take this party back. Not the Tea Party. They are fractured, they are owned by different people for different reasons. They may have started out OK but thats done now. If real Rs want to save the real platforms of the R party its now or never. Throw these crooks that give all republicans a bad name the heck out. They sell our government and are stealing our money.

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