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Uncle Luke endorsement postponed?

All signs pointed to Carlos Gimenez picking up an endorsement at 11 a.m. Wednesday from former rival Luther Campbell.

But at 10:59 a.m., Gimenez's campaign announced in an e-mail that the "major endorsement" event at Liberty City's Charles Hadley Park was postponed "due to conflicts in schedules."


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Luis Garcia

Uncle Luke endorsing Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez? Are you kidding me. Honest, Integrity and Accountability Family Values-Carlos Gimenez now accepting Uncle Luke, ONLY IN MIAMI. So much for Carlos clean cut image. Its' true what I have been hearing. Carlos is so desperate he would cut any deal with anyone. The theme song for the Carlos Campaign should be "Me So Horny...


County hall would be a great place for a Luke video ( minus his Girls Gone wild stuff)This is my vision of Uncle Luke and slick Carlo.


Not sure how clean cut family values Gimenez's role would be in a Luke video. For sure we can get some of his Anglo voters to do a wet T-shirt contest in Luke's upcoming concert. Go LUKE and Happy B-Day Carlo..


Go Gimenez, it's your birthday, Go Gimenz its your birthday. What's your Zodiac sign? It's your birthday!!


ROBAINA ROBAINA ROBAINA OMG.... LYING LYING LYING......... DID HE SAY HE WOULD NOT CUT SALRIES UNDER 80.000???? I am tired of the blatant lies.. Can someone please send a news camera to Hialeah where he said he would not touch salaries and not have ONE LAYOFF... He cut salaries by 30% here in the city.. yes.. I SAID 30%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From single mothers that barely get by who were making 11-12 Dollars an hour he ILLEGALLY STOLE MONEY FROM THEM!!! After public ridicukle he decided to cut his $286,000.00 per year salary by 3%.. But wait.. This is after lying to the media saying he only made $155,000.00 per year. Lets go one step further with this candidate.. He has a past of lying and SCREWING THE PUBLIC... Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation found JULIO ROBAINA GUILTY of DISHONEST DEALING BY TRICK, SCHEME OR DEVICE,CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF TRUST. Why you ask??? Julio Robaina forged a check and deposited into his account. .. YES FORGED... Here is what it says in the report. "without the knowledge or consent of the owner, respondent JULIO A. ROBAINA endorsed the owners name to the insurance check and deposited ito his account." YUP... Why does this information not hit the media.. IT IS DOCUMENTED TRUTH !!!

GO LUKE... ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY.. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY... You made the right choice..



If what I read is true, that Robaina cut 30% of Government fat from the City of Hialeah and the City is doing fine, are you saying that its was irresponsible for Robaina to make those necessary cuts? So, in your opinion Government should not run efficiently? WOW, you actually making the case for Robaina to be this crappy town's next mayor?

On another note, if you read the Miami New Times, I am sure you will find anger management classes for free. Your rant is scary.

Robaina can not be trusted!!!!!!!!

Robaina is the worst Mayor that Hialeah has ever seen. He has wasted taxpayer money by illegally laying off employees knowing all along he would have to reinstate them. He ignored a court order to return the employees to work and this was not corrected until he left office. What kind of Mayor waste over 10000 a day ignoring the law. Many of his dealing are questionable to say the least. Miami Dade deserves better. Elect Gimenez for Mayor. Robaina is not a man of his word.

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