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Wasserman Schultz blasts Mitt Romney for telling unemployed in Florida that he's "also unemployed"

The chair of the DNC is ripping Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, for telling a group of out-of-work Floridians that he, too, is "unemployed." The New York Times says the group laughed at Romney's joke -- but Democrats seized it as an opportunity to paint the wealthy second-time presidential contender as out of touch.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says the remarks were "inappropriate and insensitive to the millions of Americans looking for work. This comment shows that Mitt Romney – a man who wants for nothing and whose only occupation for more than four years has been to run for President - is incredibly out of touch with what’s going on in our country and around the dinner tables of those who are out of work."

The Republican National Committee yesterday took aim at Wasserman Schultz for saying President Obama has been able to "turn this economy around."

More Wasserman Schultz: "Being unemployed, Mr. Romney, is not a joke – not to my constituents in Florida or to millions of Americans across the country. Folks in my home state and across the country, who are struggling every day to make ends meet, do not need someone making light of their situation. Equating his run for the presidency with the difficulties of these honest hard-working Americans is shocking and is a reflection of his inability to comprehend the struggles of the American people. The fact is, the failed policies of the past, that he is advocating for, got us into the situation we’re in the first place and Americans want neither a repeat of those policies or the type of out-of-touch and failed leadership Mitt Romney represents."