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1.5 million reasons GOPers wanted Allen West for U.S. Senate

Broward Republican/tea party sensation Allen West just blew away the fundraising totals in Florida of every major candidate, reporting he raised $1.5 million last quarter. Just how much is for the general and how much for the primary (if he has a challenger) is unclear.

What is certain: The freshman Republican Rep. outraised the four statewide candidates for U.S. Senate: George Lemieux ($950k), Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos ($900k), Adam Hasner ($560k) and Mike McCallister (paging Buzz, paging Buzz......).

Early on, Republican operatives were pushing for West to run for Senate for a few reasons: He's exciting, he can fundraise, he's a vet, and he's African American.

"It's not my time," the colonel would say. The other Republicans are saying thanks right about now.

Two potential unexpected twists:

1) Republican-turned-Democrat Patrick Murphy had raised a whopping $450k last quarter, partly based on the fundraising pitch that he's facing West. It doesn't seem so whopping now.

2) Even with all this money, it might be tougher for West to win re-election to Congress than to a new seat in the U.S. Senate. After all, he lives in liberal South Florida. And thanks to newly passed Amendment 5, legislators can't draw a seat that favors or disfavors a political party or an incumbent. Sure, they'll probably try. But there's only so far legislators can stretch the lines, and more Democrats and liberal-leaning voters are expected at the polls in 2012 compared to 2010. Had West run for Senate, there's a good chance he could have harnessed Republican energy, picked up some swing voters and (in a general election) taken a few extra African American votes that otherwise would more likely go to Democrat Bill Nelson.


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Imagine if he would announce a run for President. I would bet he could raise 2 or 3 times that amount.


Only if he ultimately loses the race and as a result he is left out in the cold as it relates to Florida politics.


Judging him by his recent comments on Wasserman he is a rank amateur and his embrace of the Ryan plan for Dead Medicare members his time in Congress will be limited.Unless he sponsors a new tax cut of 100%


By the way how are you folks down south with your new governor ?Happy about him?He seemed so nice.And rich using Medicare's money !

Glenn Holland

West is correct,Wasserman and every other member of the Democratic communist party are scum. Every member of the Democratic party and anyone who votes for them should be given a one way ticket to Cuba so they can live in communist/socialist nirvana.

Eldridge Cleever

Hooray for Allen West!!! Finally someone who has the courage to speak the truth. Wasserman is a vile evil lying idiot. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a disgrace. Allen West for President!!!!http://www.cafepress.com/allenwest2012

West is an extremist

Allen West is crazy and un-American. He said that "coexist" bumper stickers make him sick because we should not be coexisting with people of different religions peacefully? Maybe he should move to a different country. He is a right wing extremist that will probably end up causing people to want to hate us and attack us. Thanks to West and Kaufman, government buildings and schools in Florida were on lockdown for hours. I can't believe he was elected. And yes- he is just upset Wasserman Shultz is pointing out the truth.

Glenn Holland

Here we go again, another communist/socialist democrat attacking an american hero. You can pick-up your one way ticket to Cuba at the DNC. Let us all know how you like living in Castro's world of communist/socialist nirvana.
Also, while you are at it get Obama a ticket he will surely love living in paradise where everyone puts all their money in one big pot and everyone lives happily ever after.

Charlie Trowbridge

Allen West's bickering on CNN with other comgresspersons shows how little he is interested in solving OUR country's un-employment problems. A REAL military man would know better, because he would know what leadership is!! The Republican Party continues in a failing nosedive with average Americans across our country. Let's stop this bickering, show some leadership and get our economy back on track.....

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