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Adam Hasner's new mouthpiece, report

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner has a new comms director who's already pushing an aggressive message. Here's top of his intro email: 

My name is Doug Mayer and I have been recently brought on to serve as Adam Hanser’s campaign Communications Director.  This is the first of many morning campaign e-mail updates designed to give you a background heads up to where Adam will be throughout the week and what the campaign is keeping tabs on. 

 Feel free to contact me with any questions and I look forward to meeting and working with you throughout the campaign.




With the nation turned toward Washington D.C. in hopes that our elected leaders will stand firm and bring the country back into fiscal solvency, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Washington doesn’t need any more “deal makers” but additional principled conservatives.  Though this election is over a year away, there stands a clear choice for the people of Florida. Adam Hasner, a candidate secure his in conservative background and beliefs, or George LeMieux, the ultimate Florida political insider, the establishment “deal maker” who swims with the political tides of moment.  If the current debate in Washington, D.C. is of any lesson, it’s that there are already too many wheelers and dealers in our nation’s capital........


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Tally Folly

Republicans just don't get it. They have manufactured this entire concern over the deficit which they readily contributed to in past administrations as a smokescreen to maintain the Bush tax cuts and take the attention off the wealth disparity in our nation.
America is one of the only post industrial nations in the world that even has a deficit ceiling.
Republicans will gladly stand rigid against talks of temporarily lifting the debt ceiling to avoid catastrophic economic consequences, as a means to advance their parties position while weakening the nation and our economy.
If the right is so concerned about the debt then they must address revenues as well as spending and end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and plug corporate tax loopholes.

George Fuller

The sunrail project does not require contractors to use E-Verify so all workers are legal workers.....

You can thank Adam Hasner. During the 2009 Special Session dealing with the sunrail boondogle project he killed amendments requiring e-verify using strike all amendments.


This man has a lot of work to do to convince those of us who research our candidates.
Hasner Co-sponsored cap and trade in the Florida house
Hasner pushed through every green energy bill he could and was paid off by lobbyists into his campaign coffers
Hasner earmarked $20 million to a south Florida Developer who was recently indicted
Hasner pushed through High Speed Rail and Sunrail
Hasner helped give us REAL ID
Hasner has overseen a Florida House that has raised every fee imaginable in Florida
Hasner created P.A.C.E and was given an award by the Florida Solar Power Lobby
Hasner is a self proclaimed MODERATE. Google that. It will blow your mind.

Blue Dog One

That's Great!

Now that Adam has a Communications Director, maybe Doug can tell us WHO the overall Campaign Manager is and why interested supporters can't get a date and time commitment for an important, post Labor-Day Speech on Jobs and the Economy ?

“Another Democrat For Hasner”

create a free bolg

This man has a lot of work to do to convince those of us who research our candidates.

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