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Alex Sink: Rick Scott is 'clueless' in debt ceiling debate

Alex Sink, the state's former Chief Financial Officer and the 2010 Democratic nominee for governor, took aim at former political opponent Gov. Rick Scott for his comments on Monday that Congress should not raise the federal debt ceiling

"It's clueless," Sink told the Times/Herald. "Heck yes our credit rating will be impacted. That's Florida budgeting 101."

Scott, however, believes the impact to Florida and financial markets would be minimal.

An analysis his office prepared (read it here) showed a federal government shutdown would have few immediate consequences for Florida: the Florida National Guard would suspend drill activities, child support enforcement would have cash flow issues and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement might not be able to use E-verify, the federal database used to check immigration status.

There would be significantly more long-term impacts to say nothing of the potential impact on state and local government credit ratings.

"Suggesting the debt ceiling should not be addressed is outrageous and irresponsible," Sink said in an e-mail. "A default by the federal government would have immediate impact on the state of Florida, our budget, and our credit ratings.

"The people of Florida know better, and we need our governor to know better."


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Is that old hag still around?

Here is the funny thing Alex. Most people say there will be some effect. Mostly in interest rates. However, since we will not have a default then Scott is accurate. You see the bills will be paid. Besides, I do think the debt issue was extended a few months ago. Most major bankers (Wells Fargo) state there is many ways to extend it for several more months.

So get off your Liberal jackass and stop playing politics.


Municipal bond interest rates have historically been closely tied to the Federal risk less interest rate. A Federal default will mean cities and states will see higher interest rates for bonds and generally less access to credit. In a federal default, payments on federal salaries, tax refunds, social security checks, etc. will be impossible to meet. The resulting effect on local and state economies, i.e. Florida, will be substantial and ruinous.

Alex Sink has, once again, shown she has Florida's interests at heart. Rick Scott, as usual, has nothing but his own bank account, and those of his republican tea baggy friends in mind.

Thomas B.

To imply that Rick Scott is clueless is not exactly going out on a limb. He has proven over and over his lack of ability. Every decision he makes, he has to adjust a month later, when he actually gets around to being sued again. The busiest man in Florida has got to be Rick Scott's lawyer, too bad we're footing his bill. Maybe he'll like Montana and stay.

charles K.

The Pencil-Necked Governor Rick Scott is not clueless. He is willfully ignorant, an ideologue with a bad idea. He knows exactly the implication of his silliness. The voters who put him in office were clueless but they are coming around.

I just saw him on CNN where he looked like a fool during and, with the help of people with a clue, after the interview. Complete claptrap with nothing resembling economic or rational thought. They were suppressing laughter.

Liona L.

Those people on CNN were bullying Rick Scott, "What part of it don't you understand?" in Capital letters. For a news station to be fair, you have to find one guy who supports and another guy who rejects this idea. I'll watch out when I watch CNN again.

Here's a fact you can't bully about. Social security is fully funded until 2036.

Raising the debt ceiling is going to worsen the problem down the line. It's saying, "yes, you can keep doing whatever you are doing. We can put another zero in our bank, easy." You either face the problem now or have a who-knows-if-we-can-fix-then problem later. It's none of our business because we won't live to see our grandkids suffer. Is this the legacy we want to leave behind?


Let's compare the ideas of someone who spent their life as a successful banker vs. those of a known business-crook. Obviously, the crook is the guy to go with, at least here in Florida.


The same people who say we shouldn't raise the debt ceiling are the same people who claim global warming is a myth. While other country's governments have acknowledged global warming and put in plans to deal with it, some Americans are still denying it exists. Unbelievable the right-wing brain washing that goes on in this country, and you teabaggers just eat it up. Amazing. It's the conservative lunatics who believe what fox news tells them, that we should put corporate interests above everything else are the ones driving this country into the ground.




Maybe is she wasn't clueless about campaigning, she would have won the election last year and we would be suffering from tea bagger Scott.

She ran a miserable campaign and lost against a thief.

D Bird

I think the government tried to make all of us glueless. But If you watch the Full CNN, he was asked the same question four times and he refuse to answer and could not answer the question. Alex Sink lost by 1%, I am sure if waited until all the numbers were in including the absentee ballots, maybe he would be clueless why he got into this. I really wonder if he made a bet with some friends if he can bankrupt Florida or if he can make billions like he did witht he federal goverment.

Jackson Smack

Rich Scott humiliated FL an d made us look like the fools we are for electing someone who should be in prison. On the bright side maybe it will keep people from moving here.


Wow! Jack Smack may be on to something here! Ricky Scott and the republican tea baggy party are so ruinous to Florida that it will prevent future migration, over population, and exploitation of this beautiful state.

We may have to endure insurance rates of 430%. No jobs. A two tier disaster of an education system. But no more Northeasterners complaining that (place topic here) is better in Jersey.


All those northeasterners is why you Floridians do not have a state income tax

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