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Did Allen West apologize to DWS? Roll Call says yes. West spox says no

Roll Call is reporting that Allen West said he apologized to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for his comments calling her "vile" after yesterday's budget debate.

But West spokeswoman Angela Sachitano says it's "absolutely false. The Congressman is waiting on an apology from the Congresswoman." He's miffed she called him a sexist in 2010 and then essentially addressed him by name on the House floor.

Here's the top of the Roll Call story:

Freshman Rep. Allen West said Wednesday that he has apologized to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for calling her “vile, unprofessional and despicable” in an email.

“I just apologized to her,” West (R-Fla.) told reporters.

But West was anything but contrite, remorseful or apologetic about the dustup in an email to supporters earlier in the day.

It’s no surprise Democrats and women’s groups used West’s now-infamous email to raise money, but the fiery tea-party-affiliated Congressman used the incident himself in a fundraising solicitation to supporters.


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typical Repiggie teabagging moron!

Tally Folly

Get the facts then report the story.


The repulsive , vile C*nt should apologise for being an ugly pig.


As should you, you stinking undereducated inbred w hore.


Sad, sad country we live in. We're on our way down a crap can and all we get are D.C. boobs sniping at each other.


Tea-Baggers are all pigs, what did you expect?


So she calls him a sexist, and he proves her right. Classic conservative stupidity.



All she did was point out -- from the floor of Congress -- that West supports massive cuts to Medicare.

It's true, he voted for it.

And then, instead of responding to her comments with a defense of his position (as is normally done in Congress), he wrote an EMAIL to party leaders of both parties calling her "vile" and "despicable".

There's nothing wrong with Congress that can't be fixed by electing Representatives who support the people of America and who can intelligently explain why they support those policies. America deserves this much!

In this time of great uncertainty, the one thing we certainly do NOT need is a loose cannon like West, who not only cannot defend the policies that he voted for, but who clearly overstepped the bounds of decency in his rant.

Patrick Agard

The truth Hurts!!!! Wasserman Schultz slings insults all the time and simply because one of her colleagues gets fed up with her and gives her some of her own medicine all of these woman get up and arms. Give us all a break will you.... No one said a word when all of the left attacked Sarah Palin and her daughter but you liberals want to make an issue because Congressman West actually stood up and said enough already and called Wasserman Schultz exactly the same things that she has been calling others. Quit Crying all of you will you!!!! There is far more issues to be concerned with than this!!


Up to this point, I thought Alan West held his cool quite nicely under ridiculous attacks. This wasnt cool. I hope he remains cool from this point on because despite the fact that I didnt vote for him, I appreciate people who serve the Country in the forces and I was inclined to support him. She's obviously trying to draw him into a fight. He should just ignore her.

Miriam Mata

Allen West have been suffering her actions for a while, even in the last election she organized a protest against him. Her conduct before as a woman was despicable, as a democrat was un-ethical when both were running for office on two close but different districts. As an ultra left wing , socialist or liberal Schultz and her offices are lying. Allen West actions in life are admirable as a Congressman he is not afraid to tell the truth. To use scare tactics against West for older and retire people are not useful anymore since we the people are awake, even in her district like me. I'm on Social Security, I'm on Medicare, I do believe in the philosophy of members of Congress not in the party they belong, so I'm with Allen West. Liberals are using Schultz to raise money not only against a good conservative man, but also to re-elect the Usurper when she mailed a fake birth certificate of Obama.
Who ordered that we seniors on SS did not get cost of living increase for two years in a row? Whose idea was to take away millions from medicare to give it to the Obamacare?

Miriam Mata



Regg Jackson

Find one link to where Wasserman_Schultz has ever used that kind of language and I will convert to a Repulsican moron Agard.



why would you support someone that was in the service and resigned as a coward rather than face an Article 15 Proceeding violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Cease fire. Allen West is a good man, I served with him in Iraq. He is a hero. I believe he has the fortitude to call it like it is. Wasserman has been in congress 20 years and all she's done is expand the dependent class for democratic votes. Keep it real...

Toshi Clarke


He might have been a good soldier but his politics suck. Simply put, he is a hypocrite. He decries the budget woes on one hand while championing the cause of certain greedy local corporate interests and begging for state money for millionaires with the other.

A Conservative Teacher

Wow, you liberals really go after the minorities when they stray off the liberal path, don't you? It's almost like you want them to stay in a 21st century plantation and when they get upset at vile, unprofessional, and despicable behavior you get upset because you think they should just take it on the back, eh?

Next thing you know you liberals will be attacking women on health issues.


I have never seen a fellow Congress person go after another like Wasserman-Schultz has done with Rep. West. It is unheard of...they have to be able to reach across the aisles but when Debbie keeps sending verbal digs, even arranges protests against this guy...my gosh...when will it stop? This DNC chair gig has gone to her head. She needs to get back down to earth and concentrate on solving our problems and lighten up on criticizing co-workers!


DWS is rude, arrogant, divisive and insulting towards many on a regular basis. I still remember the bit about "Republicans hate women". West finally gave some of it back to her and typical of the liberal bully, she can dish it out but she can't take it. Kudos Allen West!

Josey Jordan

West continues the Republicans' War on Women!
In the audio, West clearly states to the reporter that he apologized to Debbie.

West FAILED in the military - and should have been exiled to Gitmo for torturing innocents!


Republicans do hate women... why would they want to refuse the right of a woman to choose if they should carry a child to term or not?


"why would they want to refuse the right of a woman to choose if they should carry a child to term or not?"
Because they love women. Half of the babies aborted (killed) are future women!

Jim Johnson

Hahahaha, yesterday when West was on Fox you could see the line on the side of his head. He needs to fade that line in. Somebody also needs to tell him that FLAT TOPs are so early 90's. Please Rep. West, fix your hair. You look like a total idiot up there on Fox news. At least do us the favor here in sunny south Florida. We are known for style, and to be sexy. You are far from that.

A Conservative Teacher

John, likely half of those fetus' that are terminated through abortion are going to be women... so just to clarify, you think Republicans hate women because they are telling some women that they are not allowed to choose to kill other women who aren't born yet? I mean, you can argue abortion all you want, but to try to say that 'Republican hate women because they are pro-life' is kind of a stretch, don't you think?

Alan, from Ocala

The cause that I'd bet most level-headed watchers feel wasn't objectively sufficient to merit the irelevant, over-the-top-response gotten, all of Rep Wasserman-Schultz' past public indecencies and ad hominem attacks against Rep West notwithstanding.

For the good of the nation, Rep West should acknowledge that, not apologize, forget about it, and pledge to his leaders and himself not to bite the bait next time and to stand at ease. And bless him for his invaluable service, his duty and honor and love of country.

For the good of the nation, Rep Wasserman-Schultz should acknowledge her past unethical public pronouncements by pledging to herself and her leaders not to repeat such conduct and move on to the real issues before us.

Yet, what both representatives should do they won't do, either for the good of the nation or for the kids also watching how a great country rots from within in its fast slide into mediocrity.

We are entering that feared state wherein it's all against all and common ground is a thing of the past.

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